So I got engaged...

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  • frogonmytoe
    frogonmytoe my boyfriend, we're going to have one of those weddings ('gay' weddings to the straights).

    Although my JW family know I'm gay, and not going to meetings, only one of my sisters has sussed the situation. But I think after 3 years it's about time I told them. Especially if sometime in the future I'll turn up with a (gay) wedding ring. But also because getting married is such a hefty decision (a bit like a baptism, only generally done when above the age of majority), I feel like I have to choose which master I am slaving for (clearly Dorothy).

    Funny, because I never thought marriage (gay or otherwise) was particularly important, perhaps it's my subconcious forcing me to make a decision to leave the witnesses once and for all...

  • sir82

    So will your weddng be in a Kingdom Hall?

    It would almost be worth it to ask, just to see the expressions on the elders' faces....

  • jgnat

    Congrats. Happy you are engaged to your boyfriend and not, say, a cuckoo clock.

  • turtleturtle

    That will not be a true marriage. No offense. Its not romantic that gay men sodomize each other. However, I love all people and would never express hatred toward anyone gay. I only hate the sodomy they partake in, not them as people. May your life be filled with happiness.

  • NewYork44M

    I always wanted to go to a gay wedding. Am I invited?

    Congratulations and best wishes!!!!

    Remember, religion means nothing, what matters is the IRS. From the IRS' perspective you have a true marriage. As a CPA I aplaud the recent events that introduce gay married couples into the wonderful world of "married filing jointly." It truly is wonderful.

  • adamah

    Congrats, FOMT!


  • Diest


    1. My girlfriend feels very loved when I straight 'sodomize' her.

    2. Dont be that jerk. If you dont have something nice to say move on.

    PS Congrats on getting married. I am sure that it should turn some heads at the old KH lol.

  • wizardca


    Turtle....just bc one is gay doesnt necessarily equate to sodomy. Now if you will excuse me, my wifes bum is looking quite inviting. Lol

  • LucidChimp


  • snare&racket

    Congratulations dude! Well done, now go enjoy YOUR life, those that want to work for a publishing company and its bronze age rules can do so, but as a non believer you are not obliged to follow a single thing anymore.

    good work ;)

    snare x

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