Whats your opinion on the best way to step down??

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  • DB

    Leander, aftre reading each reply, I think Runningman had the best suggestion, although the others were good too...not quite sure about the "Butt Naked" one though.

    By all means, let us know what happens.

  • TR
    If it matters, try transferring to another nearby hall. Then, you can fade out pretty quickly there (attend maybe one meeting a week for a bit, then stop going).

    That's what I did.


    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America- Washington Division

  • Pathofthorns

    There appears no easy way to leave this thing without creating a stir sometimes. I think the depression route or the "personal and private" reasons are the best, especially if you refuse to give any more details. Of course you will be gossipped about as either having had some sort of "breakdown" or you have become "apostate" which sucks but what can you do?

    The elders will then try to "help" you (find the real reason you are leaving and either try to bring you back or get rid of you). Basically it really sucks. Hopefully you have the support of your wife and have started making friends outside the JW circle. I wish you well.

    I think the single most important thing is to say very little or nothing to anyone. It is the stupid slipup in the company of the wrong person that does most people in.


  • alamb


    Here's an outline...my personal favorite. Where is littletoe?

  • dobby

    Or you could do like my husband did and chew out the P.O.

    You won't ever have to worry about steppin' down!

    Good Luck!

  • Scully

    We moved across town to a different congregation and different circuit, and never set foot in the KH in the new area. If you're an elder/ ministerial servant/ pioneer, I believe once your records are transferred to the new congregation (which the secretary of the new congregation requests on your behalf) a letter of recommendation by the former congregation's elders as to the person's status/position in the congregation accompanies your records.

    There ended up being no request to the former congregation's secretary to transfer our records to the new congregation (normal procedure). If our records were transferred "automatically", the new congregation never sought us out, and never called to make a "shepherding call".

    Because we never introduced ourselves at the new congregation, we had the luxury of anonymity in the new territory/circuit. The added bonus was that none of our former congregation expected to see us at circuit assemblies.

    Seven years later, we moved back into our former congregation's territory. I've had mixed reactions when seeing people we used to know while out shopping, etc. - from a pioneer who shielded her face to keep us from seeing her (yeah right! LOL) in a case of funny shunning, to others who have approached me and held a lengthy conversation. But overall, we have been left alone, which is what we had hoped to accomplish.

    Love, Scully

  • simplesally

    The first time I tried, I got low hours. They didn't say anything. Then when I asked for a meeting, I told them and they got me to stay on. Then finally, I met with them again and told them my situation was not changing and I could not cope with the sadness at the end of the month when I got 82 hours. I would get 89, 82, 83 and cry! I would feel behind in my time and my service at the end of the month did not feel joyous.... Although, it was never drudgery for me to be out and talk with people.

    I never felt that the door to door work was hard or difficult. I always had fun and made friends. So since my work was joyous, and the result was a monthly report that made me sad, I was quite distraught...

    But I am sensitive.....I try to keep my word and the spirit that motivates my word.

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