Xenu, and the danger of his UFO cult posts

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Im not confused at all Dave.

    Just cause a guy quotes a passage about Xenu the Scientologist supremo,
    does that make him a scientology recruiter?
    I think not.
    As you have discovered.

    Raelians and Scientology are two totally different groups, with different focus', they are not peas in a pod. You might as well say Adventists and JWs are the same as each other.

    Now youve decided hes a Raelian instead.
    Dave, I pointed out a week ago that his imagery was Raelian.
    So what?
    What if he IS a Raelian Dave?
    Of course, its not confirmed that he IS a Raelian. Tomorrow he might start posting "Ashtar command" gobbldygook. What then?
    Will you then Brand him a recruiter for the Ashtar cult?

    Dave, I dont know WHAT the guy is. And neither do you.
    That is my whole point.
    Where has he sought to influence anyone to join his group if he is a Raelian?
    He is merely posting notions. You might as well tell the Christians on this website to stop talking about Christ and accuse them of trying to recruit members for Christian cults.
    You have no EVIDENCE to accuse him of this.
    That is what I am saying.

    Lets put this to sleep Dave. Youve claimed he is recruiting people on this site. Show where he has done this and I will conceed the arguement and apologize publicly to you.

    If you cannot demonstrate it, get off his case.
    He is allowed to express his opinions just like the rest of us.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    "Heads up" thread:

    Dave: "I just wanted to expose his true intentions".

    Heaven:"Scientology?..Is he trying to recruit?"

    Dave: "Of course he is".

    One piece of evidence that hes recruiting ,Dave.
    Emails to people inviting them to meetings?
    Phone calls?
    Someone in a thread that he invited to call him, or he called?

    Anyone here been contacted

  • Prisca

    I haven't been contacted.


  • Naeblis

    I have. Elohim came to me last night in a dream. He asked why I was resisiting his commands to go forth and multiply. I tried to explain that I was more than willing but the females of the land resisted. He cursed me in anger and flew off in a giant spaceship that resembled an asparagus. Perhaps he will come again. I am sorry I have failed you.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I concede....
    Wait, no I dont, the Raelians dont believe in asparagus.
    It is nothingness and doesnt exist.
    That dream vision came from Hylandyr, not Rael.

  • ballistic

    Refiners, just one thing;
    "Being ex-dubs WE are very unlikely to be joining up with new age cults" - you are correct. But I remember back 9 - 10 years to when I was going through disfellowshipping and divorce at a very young age, I was approached and went for a session of auditing with the Scientologists. I obviously escaped by the skin of my teeth and it scares me now, just thinking about it.
    What I'm saying is this; you really can be vulnerable to cult attack (whether on the web or elsewhere as I was) having just left the witnesses, depending on your situation. I would imagine there is a percentage (and not a tiny percentage) that are at that stage here. God help them.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    fair enough Ballistic.

    So do we now stop Xenu from posting because some people lurking might feel drawn towards Raelianism because of his utterances?
    Barry who hangs out in chat is an Adventist. Do we ban him?

    What about "Seedy3' in the "pricking of my thumbs" thread. He appears to practise magic. do we ban him in case someone reads his opinions and might go join a Satanic cult? Seedys posting pretty explicit information over there.
    Is he recruiting?

  • chasson

    [QUOTE]they both feel "persecuted" (Scientology with good reason) [QUOTE]

    Are you serious ?



  • refiners fire
  • chasson

    Seven and refiner,

    Xenu is an apologist of all "religious minority" perhaps he is a member of one of them.
    His works is not recruiting but always make contradiction when you criticize one group on this list: Rael, scientology, JW, Moon, Hare Krishna, Children of God, etc...



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