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  • SexKitten

    Hi Glory, I'm a newbie too! Sorry to hear of your disfellowshipping. Their loss our gain. Congratulations.
    Like Double Edge I've never been a JW. I wasn't brought up a christian. But I always believed in somthing, you only have to look around and be intelligent to relise that none of it happened by accident.
    I searched, I've had Buddhist friends, experianced mother earth and to top it all off lived for six years with a satanist.
    Glory-be-hold I'm now a christian and married to one. It's worked for me and helped me through the death of my daughter.
    You have to work it all out foryourself, Jesus calls His sheep...
    It's not about religion or what church it's about relationships. You've taken the first step or maybe G*d has taken the first step. Church is about fellowshipping with others and encouraging us from week to week with like mined people. Not about ruling us!
    We are all brainwashed in some way it how do you want to be brainwashed that matters. You can choose, and you're in control.
    Read you're Bible, Study you're Bible for yourself & pray. It's you and G*D now. He will clean you room by room when your ready "Knock and the door will be opened" I have friends who have come out of cults, who will veryfiy this. Life and G*d can work.
    luv SexKitten
    G*D BLESS!!!!

  • Glory

    Actually I really didn't do anything except go on vacation with my disfellowshipped sister and then I wasn't sorry about it. Of course that is boiling it down to the nitty gritty. Actually I had stopped going to most of the meetings and when I went I felt really uncomfortable. So I guess you could say I "fell away from the truth", then got pushed the rest of the way out. Are you a witness or something?

  • anewlife


    Let's see....what's the JW statistic? "40,000 are DF'd every year for fornication/adultery." Well, in 2000, I believe I was number...19,847.


    I'm glad you have found God and married a christian man. You sound like you experienced a lot to find "your way." I wanted to express my condolences regarding your daughter. I don't know how long ago you lost her, but losing a child is one of the hardest experiences to go through. I can only imagine. Welcome to the board!

  • mouthy

    Welcome Glory & other newcomers. I dont have a religion I have a relationship with Jesus-since I believe he is the mediator.
    I do go to differant churches when I feel like it- God doesnt live in a building is my belief-but I do think it is good to fellowship with others. I think I have visited every religion since being "ousted" from my sic! "brothers & sisters"But I would like to tell you I have met REAL friends in all religions- & they love UN yes! UNconditional.
    When my son & daughter was dying- let me tell you the kindness the Christians( that believe in Christ)did to them was unbelievable- & some of them didnt even KNOW them- It was the United, Pentecostal, Baptist, Mennonites,Non denominational, Lutheran, I have come to the conclusion Christ is the head of the body- all these caring folks are the hands, eyes, feet,To make up that body- I am so grateful I was ousted from the Borg- else I never would have been so well cared for.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Whatever belief you have whether, Buddhists, Hindu, Muslim or Christian, Jesus message was a simple one. It was a message of love and to get to have personal relationship with god, that is what was important. Religion has taken this simple message and twisted into one of hate of oneself and others. To serve God not because we want to but out of fear that he will destroy us. That is not the message that Jesus taught. Learn to look at yourself, at your existence, as a spiritual being having a human experience.


    "I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's."
    Mark Twain

  • zanex

    welcome glory...nope dfd bout 8 yrs ago and atheist til the birth of my daughter..and that was only enuf to make me agnostic...havent set foot inside a church in so long...and dont think i will ever...

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hello Glory; Nice to have you here;I stopped going to meetings regularily a couple of years ago; but left completely(mentally)after the un scandal-the first concrete proof i'd ever seen that they were dishonest-what a god-send that was!Now I feel spiritual in my own way-I don't go to a church-just contemplate life, the universe and everything when i'm in the mood.some thing former friends hate to hear is that you're at peace with yourself-they all imagine I can't sleep at night for fear of annihilation and seem quite disapointed when I tell them i'm really happy with myself!I hope you are too;remember if he's there and you love him- he'd hardly kill you- would he?If he did he'd be less compassionate than you...and that'd make a mockery of the whole love message-would'nt it??Sleep tight xx

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