"FLUFF" Who is your favorite author ...

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  • COMF

    Anne McCaffrey.

    A book of verses underneath the bough,
    A jug of wine, a loaf of bread--and thou
    Beside me singing in the wilderness
    Oh, wilderness were paradise enow!

  • blindfool

    My wife likes to read Ann Rule, but I really am not that into real life crime stories. Lyin' said she reads them before going to sleeep at night, my wife does too, but they give me the creeps too much to read before going to sleep.

    My wife also likes biography's of celebrity's and I hate those.

    Give me a good fiction novel about death and war and I'm good, true crime stories get to me. Wierd huh?

    Anyone read any of WEB Griffins series of books?

  • ValkyrieAvery

    Hi Everyone!

    I must say that a very good read on a type of war novel (when one has the time, I daresay) would be War and Peace. It isn't exactly about war and peace, even though it does take place during the Napoleanic Wars, yet its mostly about Imperial and Aristocratic life in Imperial Russia during the reigning of Czar Alexander. The counts of princes and princesses in this book are seriously nameless, starting with the usual Russian names of Marya Andrenova, Marya Dimitriovna, Andrey Bolkonsky, Princess Bolkonsky, Princess Olga, etc. It really is an interesting piece of literature. Other than that I'd have to think of some more war novels. Even though some John Jakes novels are extremely well written. He wrote novels such as "The Seekers" and "The Americans" in a six or seven piece series during the late 70's early 80's. Other than that Thodie Bohene is good author writing about the times and lives during World War II with the whole Hitler extrodinare. She's a religious fiction author. I would suggest her novels. And most obviously and expectantly the religious novels of Micheal Phillips and Judith Pella, even now since they are separated in the whole field of literature and doing their own thing. It can be especially romantic!
    Is anyone against the Harry Potter Books and is this a Real Jehovahs Witness Website?

    Thank You,
    ValkyrieAvery @w/ suspicions

  • Seeker4

    Jim Harrison, Henry Miller, John Irving, Neil Gaimon, Edward Abbey, Gary Snyder, Elmore Leonard, Terry Pratchett, John McPhee, Peter Mathiessen, Barry Lopez, Malcolm Gladwell, Ray Bradbury, Robert Pirsig, Chuck Palahniuck, and a few dozen others. At least.


  • RR

    Spiritual books: Charles Taze Russell

    Science Fiction: Judge Rutherford

    Fantasy: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

  • lydia


  • lydia

    I too love Jane Austen and I also enjoy the works on Russian History - especially the ones dealing with the Russian Revolution and Csar Nicholas and Alexandra.

    Thanks for all the posts!!

    Hello to you too Balmpot!!


  • cellomould


    How are you? Hopefully you have come back to check the site out again.

    I have read Anna Karenina (well, most of it) by Tolstoy, and Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky.

    If you haven't yet been introduced yet to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, I would suggest checking him out.

    Solzhenitsyn is more of a contemporary author, but you seem to like Russian literature in general. Much of his work is autobiographical. He was imprisoned for years but he took good notes and helped expose the crimes of the Stalinist regime.

    I really loved his novel A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. I have struggled through much of the Gulag Achipelago as well. If that book reminds you of your experience with JWs by the way, don't consider that simply a coincidence.



    "Without judgement, perception would increase a million times" Death, Without Judgement

  • cellomould

    ...Just got back from a panel discussion with Jose Saramago. The thing is, it was all in Portuguese. I thought it would be half in Spanish. Alas.

    I was going to say hello to him at the reception afterward, but I chickened out. I was standing right next to him and the Portuguese-speakers kept closing in.

    Anyhow, this author is really cool and I highly recommend him.
    (e.g. Blindness, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, All the Names )


    "Without judgement, perception would increase a million times" Death, Without Judgement

  • ChuckD

    Kurt Vonnegut
    David Foster Wallace
    Nickolson Baker

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