"FLUFF" Who is your favorite author ...

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  • zanex

    david eddings, stephen king, edgar allen poe, and lately maryilin mansons autobiography...

  • LyinEyes

    Charlotte Bronte - Jane Erye
    Anne Rice
    Anne Rule( Non fiction murder investigations)
    King David

  • Francois


    I've heard of Ann Rule. I guess her books must be pretty good or they wouldn't be on your list, huh? You'd recommend them to a guy type person?


  • meat pie
    meat pie

    Arthur Conan-Doyle. He's not just Sherlock Holmes.

  • Lesley

    Barbara Erskine
    Michael Asher

    Francois, I've just bought Wilbur Smith's River God, 7th Scroll and Warlock, but haven't read them yet. Are they really good? They seem similar to Michael Asher's books, have you read any of his?

  • mindfield

    Stephen King, hands down.

  • Steven

    Hi All,

    I too like Michael Asher, like the lovely lady above (hehe - she's my wife!).

    In addition I like Larry Niven (The Ringworld SF novels) plus Asimov.

    Before I entered the Org I used to read alot of fantasy books but I stopped reading this then because I didn't feel it was right at the time. However now that I have left I am back into this & see them now as just grown up fairy tales. So in this area my favourite authors are:-
    Stephen Donaldson (Thomas Covenant Chronicles - read before JWs)

    David Eddings (Belgariad series - now looking forward to reading his other series)

    Raymond E. Feist

    Sheri S Tepper (I am desperately trying to get her books again since I gave all my fantasy ones away when I became a JW - sigh!)

    Terry Brooks

  • BeautifulGarbage


    I'm a big Ann Rule fan, also.

    If you like true crime, Francois, you will like her books. They read more like novels.


  • Steven

    Oi Mindfield - now you have made me blush!

    You got your post in just after LESLEY's (my wife's) & just before mine!!!!!! - LOL

  • LyinEyes

    Oh yeah , Ann Rule is very detailed, that is what I love about her writing she doesnt skip around and doesnt leave anything out.
    I dont remember where you are from , Franc, but in the USA you can go to the super center wal-mart and always find several of her books to choose from. They are the perfect book , to pass the time to read before you go to bed. I love to get a glass of tea and lay out by the pool when I am away from home and read chapters a day , until I finish it. That is the only problem with these books , you dont want to put them down. Enquiring minds want to know!!!!! But if you like true crime stories , you will love her style. Sometimes a book will be about one person or event and sometimes she has several smaller stories in one. Happy reading.

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