Is holy spirit really involved with appointments?

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  • Leander

    I guess that sums it up for me, yet another example of how the so called spirit directed organization lacks spirit.

  • cornish

    I know of several Witnesses who got fed up with the congregations they were in because they had not been appointed,they moved congregations because they thought they might stand a better chance,and were not long after appointed,so it seems the holy spirit depended on where they lived,if these men really believed it was up to Jehovah's spirit whether they would be appointed or not,why did they have to go through the upheaval of moving?

  • Xenu

    The Holy Writings warn us against being pleasers of men. Your friends felt the need to move to another community. The Holy writings also inform us that men of the church should be humble. One must question your friends motives if they feel they deserved to be appointed.

  • expatbrit
    One must question your friends motives if they feel they deserved to be appointed.

    Holy F*&k! I semi-agree with something Xenu posted!

    Dave! DAVE! HELP ME!!!!


  • Leander

    Xenu, my feelings exactly. As a matter of fact I had planned doing a post on the whole issue of pleasing men rather than God.

    For starters the reporting of time to the elders and the WTBS is totally unscriptural. Using those reports these men criticize and basically browbeat individuals who they feel are'nt doing enough. That kind of thing annoys me to no end, since when does an imperfect man have the right to determine how many hours of preaching another person should be doing. Then there's the numerous labels they apply to people based on field service: pioneers, irregular and inactive publishers, low hour publishers, etc.. It makes me sick to my stomach the way the WTBS is constantly pushing people to do more.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Cornish, is this then when we can say, the 'spirit' moved them?

    Guest 77

  • LB

    This is basicially what got me to leave. When a horrible man was appointed as a MS I walked out of the service meeting. So did a couple of other people.

    We went as a group to the elders with evidence as to what this guy was really like, they ignored us and he continued to serve.

    Although there were many things that made me want to leave this was the slap in the face that really woke me up. The asskisser stayed a MS and chased quite a few out after that.

    So maybe the spirit really was working???

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • Matty

    Nepotism. Yes, if you are a son of an elder you stand a much better chance of being appointed too. We've all seen this haven't we?

    Its not what you know...

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