Winning Oscar Means Disgracing Yourself

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  • Spartacus

    At least Denzel Washington came forth to say that his role in "Training Day" was a character to which he immensely hated portraying, and it was very difficult for him to act out the role of a villian in a character he just loathed to the core. Halle Berry on the other hand, as shown by her response is extremely over joyful for the winning of best actress in "Monsters Ball". " The 33-year-old actress, a former beauty queen, glamerized herself for her role in "Monsters Ball" as a dispirited waitress and mother who falls in love with a white prison guard who she doesn't know has helped put her husband in the electric chair."

    See, 'Beautiful' Historic Night, Los Angeles Times, Monday, March 25, 2002, by Robert W. Welkos, and Susan King
    'Beautiful' Historic Night
    In order to win big, make the headlines in a major newspaper, or be seen world wide via the media, in the thoughts, vision, and beliefs of Caucasian Americans, Black people must be the worst in a character or characters...such as scoundrels, a prostitute stripping to show all the parts of the female anatomy, denounce a family member to fall in love with a Caucasian prison guard who kills or maims Black people for sport, and or be traitors to their family or immediate community.

    This certainly sends the wrong message of the meaning of success, and/or how best to achieve it, to our young people, in that in order to be successful Black people must sacrifice their moral character, be the worst in a human being, etc. If this is the meaning of success it would behoove Black people to look else where to create our own path(s) to great success. Jumping through this "Hoop of Disgrace" even once, makes the role player a disgrace to himself, herself, his community, her community, and/or other Black people, all while Caucasians make that financial killing at the expense of maintaining good moral values, decency, and/or respect, as it pertains to those who make the headlines, or make entertainment history with respect to the community of Black America.


  • Spartacus

    I thought this forum was getting really bored so I'm here to livin it up with some REALITY CHECK!!!

    Peace Sparky

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    If memory serves me well, Shirley Jones won an oscar in portraying a prostitute in Elmer Gantry. She's not black by the way.

    Guest 77

  • Carmel


    Me thinks you take the acting "profession" too seriously. I don't know anyone that uses them as a role model, well maybe one but she was trying to act like Marlyn Monroe, you know the braless wind blown skirt w/o undies look...


  • Gopher

    "GIGI", a 1958 Lerner-Loewe musical starring Leslie Caron as a courtesan (a well-paid prostitute), won 9 Academy Awards including Best picture. Ms. Caron was not nominated for an award, however.


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  • Spartacus

    Noted Guest 77!

    Denzel was overlooked in much better performances than training day. Such as Hurricane and Malcolm X and in both cases he did not win playing honorable men. When Spacek, won it in American Beauty over Danzel's role in Hurricane that was a joke. The movie was good but the acting job Denzel did was much superior to Spacek's job in American Beauty.

    Many people are now complaining that the Acdemy pick him just because the feel they owe him, saying that they gave the award out of guilt for screwing him over the years. Well, they gave it to him but in a role that he portrays a thug, low life, why that role? They should have given it to him when he actually deserved it then this appearance of white sentiments would not be an issue.

    No biggy, just an observation.

  • Marilyn

    Hi Sparky, Long time no exchange pleasantries!!!

    I'm going to cut right the the quick on this and say that Denzel Washington should not have won the oscar over Russel Crow (sp?) (actually a New Zealander btw) for his part in A Beautiful Mind. Before you bristle too much. I haven't seen "Training Day", but someone told me it was a light weight film (is that true?). Denzel is a very good actor, but if you've seen A Beautiful Mind then you will know how stunning a perfermance Russel gave in it.

    Actually I can't stand Russel Crow. He seems incredibly immature to me, but he really was something else in A Beautiful Mind. It's a shame when assholes have such awesome talent.

    just my 2 cents worth!


  • SixofNine

    Halle's performance in Monsters Ball was one of the strongest acting performances ever, white or black, male or female.

    This may be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. And since I've been perusing this forum for quite a while, that is saying something.

    Her character was beat down, broke, and not always up to the task of raising a special needs child who she dearly loved. She played that rarest of hollywood characters, a human.

    I won't say the writer's criticism of the way racial issues are portrayed in this movie is clouded by his or her being blinded by hate. That would not be giving hate enough credit. This writer was blinded by stupidity.

  • bigboi
    It's a shame when assholes have such awesome talent.

    I also think that's the reason he didn't win. I hear ol boy has a temper and let a few big wigs have it when they pissed him off.

    Training Day was a good film, but I hardly considered it Oscar-worthy. However, Denzel's performance was one of the most intense I've ever seen. He made the film, imo. Although it's not his best work, I think the win was deserved. I doubt if anyone could have played that role better than Denzel.



  • Spartacus

    Hi Marilyn, yes I agree with you, Russell Crow did a awesome job in that movie, he really deserved it. Yes I saw both movies and Denzel's job in "training Day" was powerful but the premise of the movie was typical for a action thriller and light weight as you were told.

    That is why this issue came up because of the fine job Russell Crow did. But I heard Russell Crow turned into some kind of jerk lately and was out of favor with the Academy.

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