Modesty in Dress and Grooming - May KM

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  • Realist

    thank you guys!!! that was quick! :)

    i am NOT a witness!!! my ex-girlfriend is ... thats why i met with these people a couple of times. i thought i could just get baptized for her ... but she wanted me to really believe this nonsense...which is not possible for obvious reasons.

  • Liquidizer

    AGAIN they keep on repeating these same old boring dress codes. Every year in the spring time before the summer conventions The Big Mommy has to tell its thump suckin' kids how to tie their shoe strings... LOL... and always those same parallels: no a suit or tie nor a skirt or dress = worldliness = independent thinking = immorality = dirt = uncleanness etc...


    This is the end of the world
    As we know it
    And I feel fine


  • detective

    Alright expatbrit, let's give this a go...

    There is not a pair of jeans or an open collar to be seen. Everyone here is radiant." So said a news report.

    ...At another convention city, a newspaper reporter gave this description of the crowd of Witnesses:

    Ah, a "news report". Not that I don't believe someone would say such a thing, but how am I to confirm this assertion? References?

    A second observer, a security guard, noted: "You are well-behaved, respectful, clean, and tidy people. What I see is beautiful. In this filthy world, you managed to move aside the dirt!"
    Security guard= alleged authority figure? Gotta love it when Mr.Sevenbucksanhour waxes poetic about the "filthy world". Are we supposed to believe that he randomly made mention of some of the groups loaded language?
    We have become known worldwide for being distinctly different in our appearance.
    Hyperbole mixed with wishful thinking. Ask anyone what religious groups are known or stand apart for their dress. Here in the U.S., you might hear Krishnas or Amish or monks or certain branches of Judiasm. Reality check. What are the chances anyone would even mention the JWs?

    Rather than choose a look that flaunts an independent spirit or that suggests an immoral life-style, we want to show that we truly "glorify God."
    Whatever you do, blend in. Conformity demonstrates loyalty to the group.

    At times, one who is new, inexperienced, or spiritually weak might accept whatever the world promotes in dress and grooming without first considering how it reflects on Jehovah and his organization.
    Don't ruin our image. If someone is not demonstrating conformity, they are weak. We don't want them ruining or image, do we?

    We could approach a respected, spiritually mature brother or sister and ask for an honest observation about our style of clothing and grooming and then seriously weigh the suggestions given.
    Always check with others to make sure you are conforming. You will know who to ask because they demonstrate by their dress that they are conforming and are therefore spiritual people.
  • slipnslidemaster

    Oh the article is repleat with keywords, catch phrases and doublespeak.

    They really bring subtlety to an art form. Looks simple and straight forward when you read it as an outsider. However, NO Witness missed the meaning of the article.

    Makes me sick. But the one thing that doesn't make me sick is how hot Andee looks in her profile picture!

    Slipnslidemaster:"Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the darkside."
    -Emperor Palpatine

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  • Francois

    As I have pointed out elsewhere, I was in da troof since around 1955.

    This is nothing but the same old shit in the same old package. Nothing ever changes. And I don't mean just the dress and grooming issue. I mean EVERYTHING these people teach. Same old shit in the same old package.

    The only thing that ever changes is the number of prophecies they've gotten wrong. That number changes. It always is getting bigger.


  • out4good3
    i am NOT a witness!!! my ex-girlfriend is ... thats why i met with these people a couple of times. i thought i could just get baptized for her

    I suggest you seriously think about getting a new girlfriend. Take it from some of the people on this board, if you have to go through that much just to have her, she's probably not worth it and will drop you in a heartbeat if you fall out of line.

  • Realist

    @ out4good3:

    well she already did!!! :) thats why she is my EX-girlfriend :)

    i still have troubles to accept that she (as a bio-major in college!!!) believes all that. but well...thats life.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Hey Slip,

    Check your mail.


  • rebelledat12

    They approach the "modest dress" issue from the prospective of appearing different from the "world". The issue is a lot broader than that bullsh*t. What they really don't want is the ugly people to be more noticeable. If you dress everyone in lumpy poop-colored clothing, they ALL look ugly. And it shoots sex appeal right out of sight.

  • OlderTom

    If you're not sure how to dress, take a look in the back of your song book. Those old farts singing surely can't be spiritually weak.

    Let your beards grow, get out you bedclothes and you'll be right mate. as for the women folk, well lets face it women have no place in Jehovahs organisation unless they're pioneers or elders servants.

    And you will know the truth and the REAL truth will set you free.


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