Modesty in Dress and Grooming - May KM

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  • BeautifulGarbage

    Dog shit wrapped in a box with pretty ribbons is still DOG SHIT.


  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs

    If a woman wears a pant suit (considered to be professional dress in the working world), is she disrespecting Jehovah?
    If so, maybe a loyal JW can explain how.


    I though am a hard core apostate must agree in regards to being dressed--I have seen myself in a mirror and YUCK I look awful in my birthday suit !!!

  • Realist

    stupid question: what is KM ???

  • expatbrit

    Kult Monthly a.k.a Kingdom Ministry.


  • LDH

    Kingdom Ministry. Are you a JW?


  • spender

    Our Kindom's a couple of sheets of strange-feeling paper folded together that are distributed to witnesses in good standing every month. It has publisher statistics, help on how to place about new publications, schedules for the book studies, the yearly instructions about district conventions...etc.

  • DakotaRed

    Will they ever learn?

    *** km 5/96 4 1996 "Messengers of Godly Peace" District Convention ***
    Neither the Society nor the elders are to set out rules about dress or grooming. Even so, should it not be clear to a Christian which clothing styles are simply not modest or decent?

    *** km 11/95 2 Behave in a Manner Worthy of the Good News ***
    Many of the world’s standards for dress and grooming are unacceptable for Christians.

    *** km 8/90 2 Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples ***
    Read Question Box and comment briefly on importance of proper dress, grooming, and decorum when representing Jehovah’s organization.

    *** km 5/88 2 Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples ***
    Help brothers appreciate that good conduct and dress are expected of all in the congregation.

    *** km 5/87 2 Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples ***
    Emphasize that good conduct and dress are expected of all in congregation.

    *** km 11/82 4 A Meeting to Fortify Us Spiritually ***
    In the September issue of Our Kingdom Ministry, we received direction as to proper dress when attending the book study.

    *** km 11/81 2 Proper Decorum as a Christian ***
    Should you not rather appear like Jehovah’s people, and so stand out as different when among worldlings? Whom are we trying to please? Whose favor are we currying? Why not take a cue regarding well-arranged dress and grooming from the mature brothers who have the greater responsibilities? Can we not take a hint and imitate their good example?”

    *** km 1/75 3 Cleanliness Brings Honor to God ***
    Perhaps it is a person who, because of old age, simply needs some loving assistance to care for such things. Or perhaps the person is not aware of how he appears to others. Elders can tactfully counsel such ones, being careful not to impose arbitrary standards of cleanliness or dress on the brothers. Whether our clothing is old or new, we can be neat and clean so that when we give a witness people will pay attention to the message, not to our appearance.

    *** km 8/74 8 Presenting the Good News-Through Christian Conduct and Dress ***
    Yes, people have their eyes on Jehovah’s servants. If our dress at times when we are not in the field service were immodest or in imitation of some worldly fad, do you think that people who observe us would be inclined to accept us as genuine Christians when we called on them to discuss the Bible?

    *** fy 96 8 Protect Your Family From Destructive Influences ***
    If you notice undesirable changes in your child’s behavior, dress, attitude, or speech, you may need to have a talk about his or her friends.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • SYN

    They're going to be charging for the KM pretty soon (to "defray expenses", most likely!).

    Yup, more of their side-long approach to absolute power, hint at serious grievances if you don't wear the right thing.

    "Brother So & So, we are afraid that the congregation will be stumbled by your tie. It appears to be a very, ah, interesting shade of brown. Now, if we look at this Scripture about our dress..." BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    Leander: May the force be with you. Why don't you insert some subtle barbs against the WTBTS into your talk? Oh, come on! Do it for us!

    During a code review, when I asked why there was not a comment in 240,000 lines of code which was getting handed to me for maintenance, the programmer replied, "I'm terse."

  • expatbrit

    You know what's really stupid about all this dress and grooming and "not reflecting the attitudes of the world" bullshit?

    All dress and grooming styles are products of "the world" and "worldly attitudes". That includes suits and ties, dresses and skirts. All those styles have been invented by "worldly" people. There is no style of clothing that is "no part of the world!"

    All they are doing is pushing their own opinions and tastes of what clothing they think is proper upon others, and then claiming that it is all a matter of personal choice. Brown suited hypocrites!


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