Did your parents force spiritual goals on you?

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  • Apognophos

    I know of someone from a redneck family whose parents were thrilled she got into college and made something of herself. I also know another woman whose redneck family is constantly trying to hold her back and who set an awful example for her growing up. Some people of the lower class are defeatist in their mentality and put that onto their kids, but some are quite happy when their kids rise above their own station. I can't say that is true of most JWs.

  • zeb

    what utter bastards, these parents. On a similar tac, mine decided i should learn music. I had a bully for a music teacher and hated the whole doings of it from the start to the finish. Then got the big lean on about how much it cost. hmm mother used the same line when I got my first and only bike a 2nd hand refurb. (Money was not the issue)

    If your parents were so f*** keen on going to 'Rome' ie bethel why didnt they go.

    It is a known phenomenon that so many parents want to live the life they never had or had it taken away by some situation through their kids and do so making a lot of unhappiness. I salute you who have got on with your lifes.

    These parents have you my dear ones noticed their circle, world or group have shrunk so much that they relate to nothing outside of it anymore? It is a fair bet they dont read a newspaper. Dont have a creative hobby. Dont watch a nature program like those of David Attenborough without quoting then party line going on about the fact that he supports evolution.

    With such people i think of the parabel of the workers who were given money to make their fortunes on. One did this one did that and the third one burried his. You know the story. The parents spoken of today and so many jw are the third man who have talents and bury them. They are denying god given abilities to obey the NY clique as they are scared to step out and be seen as different.

    I am so grateful I never did this to my kids. With all the expereince that life has thrown at this family my offspring are inately decent useful settled tolerant citizens.

  • Scully

    have been told over the last 45 years it was my choice, not the way I or my friends remember.

    Wow, does that ever hit home with me.

    Yes, it was "my choice" to drop out of college at 18 and start working for a Brother™, when my mother constantly nagged about how expensive my schooling was (tuition was covered, the only thing to pay for was books and transportation).

    Yes, it was "my choice" to "smarten up and get Baptized™" at 17 when my mother threatened to blackmail me over her imaginings about my sexual liasons with secret boyfriends (there weren't any) and report me to the Elders™ and then kick me out of the house.

    When a gun is being held to your head, any choice "you" make is one made under duress. It's not voluntary. It's not "your" choice. It's "their" choice, and they've bullied you into making it "your" choice.

    And yes, surprise, surprise, my mother has no recollection of what a complete b!tch she was to me.

  • Blttex

    I am 32 years old. Recently decided that I've had enough of the family roofing business, although I've been tired of it for years. I started fire academy 6 weeks ago, starting paramedic school next year and hopefully will have a new career soon. I jumped into it kinda fast, didnt want to give myself a chance to back out. Needless to say I'm loving it! I only wish I were ten years younger. With only 6 weeks of being around firefighter and seeing what they do on a daily basis really reinforces my decision about how self centered and needless the organization is. They pretend to love everyone, have everyone's best interest at heart and that they're sacrificing for their fellow man, yet very few of them seek careers that actually do help people. The overwhelming majority of JW's that I talked to about wanting to become a firefighter had a negative viewpoint about it. The biggest complaint was having to miss meetings. How sad small the world truly is. Glad to have broken out of the bubble.

  • zeb

    Blttex U hav a pm.

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