leave me alooone.....PLEASE!!!!

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  • MarchOn

    What I used to tell my family is that it was never really in my heart and would they rather I be a hypocrite and go just because that is what they want? Also I reminded them that they chose this for me, I was raised in it so it was not my decision.

  • TexSham

    My suggestion to get them off is to pick one topic that contradicts witness teaching, and not let it go. Pick blood, man's length of time on earth, Jerusalem's destruction, whatever. Just tell them you'll never agree on this one point, so what is the purpose in discussing anything else? It drives them crazy. They want to go on to talk about love amongst the brothers, new world, whatever, but you keep saying, "Yeah, but I would get a blood transfusion first chance I get."

  • Angst

    I told my mother that I did not want to live forever in paradise because I can't stand the religious zealotry that I see in a lot of the witnesses.

    Her retort was that "we will all be moving closer to perfection then and things will all begin to work many times more smoothly than they do now"

    I can't win for losing

  • Angst

    BTW, I secretly moved my family over 1200 miles away just to distance myself from the harrassment of my parents. That pissed them off royally!!! Now my mother resorts to emailing, calling on the phone, and sending videos.

    Moving doesn't solve anything...

    I want to thank all of you for taking time out to post on this topic. I'm going to print it out and start making some notes based on some of the posts for future phone conversations with my mother. You all are great! Thanks again to all that posted!!!!

  • rmayer32

    My mother used to do the same to me for a time when I left. It was funny because I was in the navy for 10 years after I did leave the JW's but for about the first 4 years she would have elders from where I lived come and stop by trying to get me to go back.. Mind you I lived in Virginia at the time and she in Iowa..LOL I just ignored it and when I spoke to her never mentioned it and it eventually stopped. Funny part is she must have seen something at some point as she hasn't been to a meeting herself in over 6 years now..LOL A few years ago when I first left the military and came back to my home town I got a couple of visits from an elder that I knew since I was a kid. Nice guy, didn't push.. but never came back after I told him I wasn't coming back.

  • anewlife

    Here's my story. My issue was with my father (very controlling all my life, well enough was enough!) He felt it HIS right to come to my place and INSIST that my two young sons go with him to the meeting one night. I, at first, politely told him, "No, they are with me tonight and missing one meeting isn't going to hurt." Well, he could not accept me telling HIM no. So he started with the, "You mean to tell me you are going to let your boys miss meetings and not serve Jehovah and eventually die?" (Yes, he really went all the way to letting them "die!") I then told him they are MY children and I'LL decide what is best for them! (This was more than he could take!) He started yelling and was very mad at me for standing up to him. I told him to leave. He refused. I then told him if he didn't leave I was calling the police. He didn't think I'd really do it. Boy was he wrong!!!!! I stood right there in front of him, dialed the number and told them to send someone over immediately as my father was in my house yelling at me and would not leave. They asked if he was drunk and just to piss him off I said, "No, I don't THINK he is drunk." Then they asked if he had a weapon. I said aloud for him to hear, "I don't THINK he has any kind of weapon, but he IS threatening me!" My father was blown away. He could not believe I was standing up to him (as that was just something we NEVER, EVER would do or suffer miserably for it!) Needless to say, my father has never tried to force me or my boys to a meeting again!

    Not that I recommend calling the police on your mom, but thought you might enjoy the story and know that we've all faced "persecution" from our families.

  • Angst


    I received your email but couldn't read/reply to it because I've got some sort of virus strangling my ability to read/send webmail. Please ICQ me and we can chat about it at your leisure...



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