Violet Did You Know

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  • Hyghlandyr

    She isnt supposed to be here? I will never understand this reasoning. Just because the watchtower says that being one of Jehovahs Witnesses means accepting the broad range of their teachings, doesnt mean it is true. When I was a witness there was a tone of stuff I did not accept. I even had a beard, and when they showed me the articles in the watchtower I laughed about it because it had nothing to do with me, I lived in an amish community, so the cry that the world would object didnt hold water. I kept the beard, and my other unique beliefs. Though many tried to change me I held my ground.

    If a witness has enough fortitude to remain a witness, not accept each and every tiny thing and talk with others, or not shun them, so be it I applaud them and I applaud Violet!

    We are essentially saying over and over, SHUNNING is BAD, wrong, bad bad witness for practicing shunning. Then when we run across a witness that doesnt practice it we tell them they SHOULD practice it! And then at the same time we call them hypocrits!

    Let the girl get baptised, let her be a witness, let her come to this forum and share her experiences with us and her pain if she has it and let us not suggest that she should do the very thing we are all over and over decrying.

    Violet, I back you darlin. Period. Your life is not my life. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. You are the mistress of your soul, and if Jesus is then so be it. Again I say, whichever stand you take remember us. Not just those who attacked you, but those that stand behind your decisions.

    Let's see, three wives, seven concubines, nine slave girls, and twenty-seven black nazi female body guards. I've only got forty-five women to go and my cult is complete

  • neyank

    Well after reading dungbeetles post showing her posts, I'm begining to think Violet may have a psycological problem.

    If she's telling the truth about the mistreatment that she's suffered,then I can understand the confusion she must have.


  • ChuckD

    Wow, did I ever read the title of this thread wrong!

    I now you meant "Violet, did you know?"

    But I read it as: "Violet did You Know!" which was a far more intriguing subject.


  • SYN

    YouKnow! YouStud! *LOL*

    During a code review, when I asked why there was not a comment in 240,000 lines of code which was getting handed to me for maintenance, the programmer replied, "I'm terse."

  • Solace

    You said,
    "Well after reading dungbeetles post showing her posts, I'm begining to think Violet may have a psycological problem".

    I agree.
    Something is very wrong here.

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