A Toast to All the Brave Kids Who Broke Up with Their Toxic Moms

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  • clarity

    Here is to you all .....all the motherless ones!

    I am so very blue today also ....... a daughterless mother. You see wt took her & won't let her go. She chooses wt over her own mother!


  • LV101

    Thanks for this post, Rebel8. I've an extremely toxic mother but she's never been a witness.

    Also an adult child in the evil cult but not a toxic relationship.

    I learned everything not to do from my egg donor (mother) and everything to do from my loving Grandmother but still joined a toxic cult.

    Best to all of us survivors of the sick cult.

  • fiddler

    I suppose my JW daughter could read toxicity into me because anything I say including 'I love you' threatens her faith.

  • LV101

    Maybe we should have an orphan holiday convention group to celebrate on our own in the future. Maybe the ex-JW meetup groups have something.

  • Fernando

    I toast and salute my wife, who has been through a lot, for choosing a life free of her Watchtower idolising mother's unmentionable and relentless toxicity, destructiveness and negativity.

    We are very happy that we have been able to break with several generations of Watchtower idolatry driven evil, on both sides, and give our kids a legacy of love and life instead.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my son left the cult over 5 years ago. in fact--he was d/f. his born in mother shuns him. his new wife has now presented him with a beautiful baby boy.

    sadly his mother may never get to meet her new grandchild.

    what a terrible price to pay for cult membership.

  • Xanthippe
    Ah right Mother's Day, I see, we did that back in March. I actually miss my mother now even though she was very critical. I think she had depression for years because of being in that cult. Or perhaps she got sucked in because she had depression. Chicken and egg. Anyway she's not suffering anymore and for that I'm glad. I just wish we could have been friends.
  • RoyalFlushPhil

    There were four sisters whose mother allowed their father to molested them out of fear for her financial well being. The Elders of my friend in Tennessee were terrified of the giant stature the girls father, they refused to do anything while he raped and sexually assaulted all his girl. Crazy thing is all four are still Jehovah's Witnesses trying to get me to go back to the Kingdom Hall, how messed up those poor girls are! He was removed as a Elder but never disfellowshiped because only two of the sisters would testify against their Dad and this did not go so well for the JW daughters wanting justice while the others wanted this topic never brought up again. When asked by her mother why, she said "I did not like having relations with your father, i was afraid of him but needed the financial support he provided. Did you expect me to go out and get a job an lose everything we had, it happened to me as a girl, things like this have been going on forever."

    The other sisters felt dirty and refused to relive the horrors, did not want their husbands to know this occurred and they too never had anything to do with their father again. The two daughters who did not go forward still talked to their mother, the other two disowned her and the Elders tried to get them all to take care of their mother when the Father died! The incompetent Elders did not think it fair the Congregation should bare the burden of this mother's financial problems and threatened to take the two daughter's husbands MS titles away if they did not help. The CO got involved, what a tweaked religion this is, making victims help the one person who was suppose to protect them from evil and wickedness, not hand them over to their cruel father to do as he pleased. The JWs are really messed up in the head, I wish she and her sister would go public with their story as it would shed much needed light how perverted the Watchtower is!

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    We should have UN-Mother's Day!


  • Xanthippe
    We should have UN-Mother's Day!

    Eh, I think that's what this is.

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