lager , lager , lager.

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  • sleepy

    So what do you drink, where and how?
    Of course in Britian we drink our pints down the pub.
    I have to laught when I'm in Europe as they only drink tiny glasses of beer , when you ask for their equivalent of a pint they look at you as if you are some nut case.

    Anyway I usually get through a couple of bottles of wine and several pints of larger a week.I drink most nights but not too much.

    Is it true that the legal age for alcohol is 21 in the States?
    I remember celabrating my baptism at 17 with a few pints in the pub.

  • ChuckD

    In the states, it is 21 now. Back when I was 18, it was 18 and by the time it was turned back to 21 I was over 21, so I timed that whole thing right. It is "officially" up to the states themselves to decide the age, but the federal government will withold highway funds for states with a drinking age less than 21, in much the same way that they imposed the (since repealed) 55mph speedlimit in the 1970's.

    As far as getting a beer in Europe goes, I was most surprised when I first saw them pour EXACTLY to the line in the glass, as though the stuff were worth more than gold. In the states, they will slosh it around and spill out what they want until the glass looks right, but in some places (Norway for example) I have even seen bartenders save the foam when changing kegs and piecing together a glass of beer from it. And doen't even get me started on mixed drinks there! My local watering hole here in providence will make you a mixed drink in a pint glass with a good heafty pour of whatever, and none of that measured-pour business. Some US establishments do measure each pour, but it is viewed as a negative by the customers. Then again, some states have very restrictive hard-liquor laws and require careful controls over portions. Thankfully Rhode Island is not among them.

  • SYN

    Thought this was one of *those* sex threads again...but I was wrong, it was a BEER thread!

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  • Haereticus


    I had to cry whenever I was in UK as they did serve tiny 1/8th of gill portions of vodka, when I asked for a quadruple they did look at me as a nut case and even asked "sir, do you know the meaning of that word?. I replied "yes, fourfold" and had my large vodka.

    Our measure is 4 cl and your 1/8th gill is about 1,8 cl. Here beer is served in pubs mainly by 50 cl and your pint is exactly 56,82615 cl. So I was worse off there.

  • DakotaRed

    I can't speak for the other European countries, but the beer poured at the fests in Germany were anything but small. To me, a light weight American, a liter stein of beer is a lot of beer.

    Nowadays, I can buy a six pack and it will take close to a year for it to be drank, and then mostly when the son-in-law comes over.

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  • sleepy


    In France ,Belgium and Holland they serve 25cl.
    Of course you're mad to by spirits in a British pub, you need a microscope just to find it.

    Bet you pay more for you 50cl's than we do for our pints.

  • happy man
    happy man

    here in Sweden we drink MILK.

  • Reborn2002

    If I was from the native country of the Swedish Bikini Team...

    I would be drinking their ample amounts of milk as well.


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  • LittleToe

    In England the spirits measure is usually 1/6th gill.
    In Scotland we have the slightly more generous portion of 1/5th gill.

    Personally I prefer a good pint of Guinness.
    A good single malt whisky (like Glenmorangie) is also hard to beat.

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  • Simon

    Of course Americans server lashings of beer ... it's weak as p***

    Budweiser ... urgh

    ... give me some proper german beer anyway (patriotic aren't I?)

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