China & India Lack of JW Activity

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  • invisible

    If there God is supposed to be the All-Powerful, backing their Organisation fully, men being led by God's Spirit etc, then what of the lack of activity within China which has in excess of a billion inhabitants? Is their God not partial to the Chinese? What of India also? Another billion people, but JW's spread very sparsely upon the ground?

    What too are JW's known for around the world? OK we know they like to spout their own trumpet, 'hey, look at us!! Look at all the educational work we do around the world' etc, but the fact remains that they do next to nothing to help out other people.

    You could understand it if they were delivering outstanding food distribution programmes in the 3rd world, if they were involving themselves on the local level with community affairs, if they were extremely well known for their disaster relief efforts, but the facts remain that the JW organisation is not known anywhere for contributing outstanding efforts towards equality and a better standard of living for all.

    Do your own research and see what conclusions you draw too.


  • ozziepost

    The impression given in the publications to the R&F is that the world sits up and takes notice of the Borg.

    The reality is quite different. I've been amazed to find that the average person in the community knows next-to-nothing about the beliefs of JWS - and that's in a country which has had a Dub presence since the very earliest days of the WTS.

    Most common questions are:
    You don't believe in Jesus, do you?

    Are you the people who won't go to hospitals?

    And how many times have you heard the Dubs referred to as Seventh Day Adventists?!


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  • og

    Lack of activity in such large countries is worrisome to a lot of witnesses. It is one of the facts that got me thinking, and then leaving. This lack of activity is explained by various rationalizations. Some witnesses say, for example, that these countries are "steeped in demonism", or that they have not had large-scale missionary activity (by 'Christendom') in the past. I asked one C.O. about it, and he simply said - very coldly - that "faith is not a possession of all people", as if that explained anything.

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  • Moxy

    previously it was common to imply that some countries might suffer from a 'community bloodguilt' the same way as the land of Canaan did. Jehovah would simply wipe out the lot of them. nowadays, now that there is at least some presence in india & china, it is pretty standard to simply say that jehovah will draw out those sheeplike individuals by some means.


  • LB

    OK should I move to China now????

    I live in Oregon which has a hugeJW population. The only doctrine people here seem to know about is the blood issue. That JW's will allow their children to die without blood. That's about it. All those magazines and books placed and the average neighbor knows just that.

    Too bad Dateline didn't come off. That might have given them something else to think about.

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  • sleepy

    And how will a witness try and prove he has the truth?

    "We are the only ones doing a worldwide preaching work"

    Well if you dont included China, most of India, N.Korea and all the Moslem countries which in total makes half of the worlds population,they may have a point.
    But last time I looked the world did included all these.

  • dungbeetle

    The only place where the 'preachin' work' is doing really well is where the populace is willing to die for them to have the right to preach. Starting with the free-est of countries and going on from there. Of course it's highest in the US; the most people have sacrificed their lives so Watchtower could exist and thrive.

    The Chinese people weren't wiling to sacrifice their lives so the JW's could preach 'n' teach; therefore they don't thrive there.

  • Yerusalyim

    Ozzie said,

    The impression given in the publications to the R&F is that the world sits up and takes notice of the Borg.
    . I'd like to confirm what he's said. When meeting the parents of a friend of our oldest son, they made a comment hoping that Barry would be a good influence on their son. Liza replied, "Oh, I'm sure he will be, he's a well behaved young man who stays out of trouble because he's one of Jehovah's Witnesses." They stared at her dumb found! That made as much sense to them as me saying, "uou can trust me not to be a pedophile, I'm Catholic" The one has NOTHING to do with the other.

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  • singsongboi

    chinese and indians are veri practical people ..!!

    they have a lot of commonsense..!!

  • Realist

    @ singsongboi:
    i can completely object that statement. there are so many crazy people in these coutries ... i am sure the witnesses could find some new victims there!

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