Jonathan Livingston Seagull & WTBTS

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  • Francois

    Thanks Prisca. Bad memory. I may be old, but I'm slow.

    And yes, all, you CAN rent JLS, or you can purchase it at amazon.

    I'd love to have your opinion on it Beck, because your observations would tell me a lot about how YOUR mind works. Enquiring minds want to know.

    I will be waiting on JLS reports from you all.


  • Yerusalyim

    I got roped into reading the book back in '78 my first year in High School Seminary (this was when I was studying to be a priest and before Hormones and the girl's soccer team next door kicked in). I had to do a book report and having trouble finding a book that fit, the priest/instructor gave me that book. After reading it I told him it didn't fit the assignment, he said, "I know, but it was a good read, huh" Yes it was, but he wasted my time on the assignment. I got a C on a rushed book report.

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]

  • Marilyn

    Francois, I don't think you mentioned "Murials Wedding" or "Pricilla Queen of the Desert" - both recent (ish) Aussie movies and very entertaining. I'm just dying for you to see Holy Smoke though. (obviously because of our shared background). Oddly enough my SO didn't enjoy it as much as I did (and yeah my SO is an exdub). Then I got into an argument with JanG on H20 who thought Holy Smoke was irresponsible or something - but I thought it was an excellent movie. A more recent Ozzie movie of worth is "The Interview". Plus "Looking for Alabrandy" (sp?) is ok too.

    I love your posts btw. I really will make an effort to get JLS, but I seldom go to a video store these days. I am going to have to make a note to myself as I also have premiture memory failure. (maybe it's not premiture. Maybe I'm kidding myself!)

  • LyinEyes

    OMG, a wash of memories just hit me. I was in high school when we were assigned to read this book. To tell you the truth , all i can remember was the cover picture and something about a lonely bird.
    I didnt understand the concept of it at all. I am going out to buy the book and re-read it . I can say , the feelings I have about the story was sadness, lonliness. I will have to read it to see if I am remembering correctly about this book. Thanks for reminding me about JLS,,, and the movie too, that would be interesting. I wonder how many other great literary works I have forgotten about. Sounds like brainwashing cult tactics at work here!!!!I'll show them, (WT), I will read the book again, this time with an open mind.

  • jwsons

    Yes, Francois+Marilyn
    I still remember I first read that book by Richard Bach when I were 16 years old and were a freshman in uni. and about a year latter, I stopped uni. to become a fulltime slave to WacoTower and Dark Society
    .So I didn't have chance to watch the movie, but I did listen Neil Diamond with sound of the seagulls. I still love to go to the beach near my place (5 minutes drive) just to watch the seagulls, dream about my time....Thank you for reminding me about it (I set tears now. Sorry)

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