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  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    The most recent "new light" is, inter alia, that the other sheep are actually part of the "domestics" of Matt 24:45-47. I'm fairly certain that eventually they will declare new light that both the great crowd and 144k are altogether part of the new covenant although having different hopes (heavenly v earthly), thus it will be announced that prospective members of the great crowd can also partake of the emblems (while remaining an earthly class). This may be the new light announced at this year's AGM (but probably not). The number of partakers will then no longer be reported, thus ending the increasing embarrassment of the number of partakers increasing each year.

  • dozy

    My money is on a scrapping of the literal 144K as well. This has been on the cards for years , they mention 144K less and less and the big increase in people partaking has pretty much forced the hand of the society. In the latest Watchtower (December ) they pointedly don't mention a 144,000 figure , even when citing Rev 14:1 - just " a relatively small number".

    A new bible ( just a revision of the NWT with a few changes ) that is on all platforms also makes more sense. They can issue it primarily on tablets and include a lot of cross referencing features etc. If the WTBTS can reduce printing bibles by (say ) 500,000 a year then that makes a big difference to the bottom line.

  • hamsterbait

    The AGM is described as "HISTORIC". Another version of the NWT is just another version, they have released these in the past.

    Is it historic because for the first time it is being transmitted around the globe?

    As for the OS taking the emblems, they did point out in a WT study that John 6 applies not only to the heavenly class but also to those who receive an earthly resurrection.

    I vote for a major change in doctrine - unless it is just hyping up the sheeples so they think even less.


  • pixel

    Well, at the AGM they always tell people what the yearly text is gonna be. So, for sure that's something we know it's on the agenda.

    I think that if they don't announce anything new, is going to be a big dissapointed for the R&F.

  • processor

    Maybe Armageddon came in 1975 after all... only invisibly.

    Maybe we are in the new system already.

    Maybe eyes of understanding can see all this..

    Which is what I already foretold in the April 2010 Witchtower:

    The August 1, 1975 Watchtower issue featured the articles “Who Qualifies to Be an Elder?” and “Elders Presiding in a Fine Way.” These articles cast new light on the role of elders, who were at that time entrusted with administrative tasks on earth under the leadership of Jesus Christ. Christian elders now fully resembled the “chieftain” from Ezekiel’s temple vision and met all requirements to ‘take the lead’ among God’s people. – Hebrews 13:17.

    The publication of these articles marked the beginning of the Thousand Year Reign, where Jesus Christ governs from his heavenly throne over the earth by means of his earthly organization. Meanwhile we live in the 80 th year of the New Order, and without doubt, the resurrection of the old-testament witnesses will begin within “this generation” of 1975. * As the Bible shows, these will rule as “princes” and sit in judgment on the remaining worldlings. (Psalm 45:16) That’s why more than ever, it’s about time to preach the good news of God’s established Kingdom!

    * Since then, Jehovah’s people refused to deliver alleged criminals – like pedophiles – to worldly courts and instead introduced own trials according to the laws of the heavenly kingdom. Five years later, in 1980, they started to throw all disturbers of the theocratic order “out into the darkness outside.” – Matthew 25:30.

    The Watchtower, April 15, 2065

  • Stealth

    I betting on SBF rumor:

    Maybe they are going to promote Farkel to the Governing Body and give him his own column in the Watchtower magazine.

    Rumor is the column will be called: Questions from Dipf*ck Readers.

  • Theredeemer

    What if the rumour is that created their own bank and named it Bank of Paradise, where all donations can be automatically withdrawn every month to that "bank". When your account reaches a certain level you will deamed a "gold" member. This will allow you permission to get updated "new light" before others.

    Or the big announcement might be that they added the dinosaur back in the bible map.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I think its just an additional fund raiser for the WTS. Invite everyone, float out rumors so that everyone will be excited, put contribution boxes all around and bingo, you just raised several million. Bethel monitors, you guys sure do know how to raise some cash!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I'm predicting an online 'Jehovah's Witness Research Tool' as one of the announcements. It was briefly mentioned at this past District Convention and the speaker stated that we'd hear more about it latter.

    Because of the zillion refinements and changes to JW doctrine and the many more to come, the CD-Rom Library has become useless and a waste not to mention damaging to WT's reputation of being the 'Truth'.

    To put it mildly-the WT's CD-Rom Library is too incriminating! WT is forced to dump it!

    So to all you JWN members take good care of the 'WT CD-Rom Library' you currently have cause chances are you may not be seeing anymore.

  • Nostromo

    No changes with the memorial and new covenant eetc, see the latest Wt issue on Would have been too good to be true.

  • Mr Fool
    Mr Fool

    My guess is that it will be about "forced money donations", but I hope it is a change of the be just symbolic.

  • steve2

    Rumors are a better way to live one's life than waiting for the end to come, but both can hardly be term fulfilling ways to get through life. The nature of Watchtower dogma is such that it both fosters and condemns rumor. When you're taught that every little sign and event in the world and in the organization is portentous, it's hard not to see meaningful likely Scriptural patterns in the clumps of grass you've newly mowed. Yet moving on from rumor is hard because it can lead to preferred outcomes. From the Witnesses' perspective, rumors make the tedium more bearable. And from ex-Witnesses perspective there's the prospect of seeing the Tower of cards weaken and collapse (slowly over real time). If I'm a sucker for the JW rumor mill, I blame the religion of my upbringing for fostering it.

  • factfinder

    I never heard it being called the AGM before.

    It's the annual meeting of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania. The formal business meeting is closed to the public.

    Afterwards they have the talks by the gb members. Its a lot of hype and same old same old.

    I am interested in hearing what is discussed there but doubt it will be anything of major importance.

  • factfinder

    JW Gonebad- the 2013 Wt library cd has been available for congregations to request for several months now.

    It will most likely be available by December.

  • westiebilly11

    perhaps they'll announce that sisters are to be appointed to serve as elders and ms where there is a shortage of men..

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Thank you factfinder:

    JW Gonebad- the 2013 Wt library cd has been available for congregations to request for several months now.
    It will most likely be available by December.

    Surprises me that the CD-Rom Library is still being produced. There is waay too much outdated, useless and compromising information that is of no use to the anyone but the anti-JW community. While the speaker at the DC didn't mention anything per say about the eventuality of the CD-Rom Libray, he made it sound like the new JW Research Tool would be replacing the CD-Rom and that only new up-dated JW doctrine would be on the new Research Tool and online only. And if I remember correctly, the speaker was visiting from Bethel and a member of the writing department. We'll see what happens!

  • factfinder

    Your welcome JW GoneBad!

    I wonder if the 2013 wt library cd will include the new JW research tool?

    They usually include the new releases on the cd.

  • steve2

    Any on-line tool will be a plus for the organization - readily modifiable and hihgly seletive in its content. In other words, the perfect research data base for the Watchtower's scholastically pragmatic purposes.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad


    I wonder if the 2013 wt library cd will include the new JW research tool?

    They usually include the new releases on the cd.

    The speaker specifically stated that the New JW Research Tool would be available on-line only. Thats' why I'm thinking that WT's plan is to very away with the annual WT CD-Rom Library.


    Any on-line tool will be a plus for the organization - readily modifiable and hihgly seletive in its content.

    Bingo! Readily modifiable! Its' all about control!

    WT's current problem is, and its' a big problem! There are literally millions of WT CD-Roms up to the year 2012 in circulation that contain all of WT's current and past mistakes, mis-calculations and inaccuracies and that will mean a big plus for us! These current WT CD-Roms will be enough to keep Mother on the defensive for years and years to come!

  • factfinder

    JW GoneBad-

    I guess the 2013 edition may be the last one.

    I wonder if the Reasoning book and Reference Bible are due to go out of print ?

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