Is Anyone a Pantheist ?

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  • Siddhashunyata

    Lucid, No this is not about intuition. This is about perception. Let me try to explain. Right now your mind is perceiving objects through a veil of symbols. This is occuring extremely rapidly. You must be very attentive to see it happening. The process of symbolization (Thinking) is a valid function of the brain whereas, perception is a function of the mind. The thought process is intefering with perception. You must experience this fact for yourself. This interference is epedemic and global, affecting the world population at large. This is the root cause of racial prejudice, nationalism, and other divisive motivation. To a racialy prejudiced person, the appearance of say a "black" man conjures a series of negative symbols(thoughts). These, in turn condition other thoughts etc. Every thing about the man is seen through this veil of symbols. The actual man is not seen at all. Perception is obscured. Now, the question is , why is it so important that perception be unobscured? It is important because of intelligence!!! Let me explain. The intelligence assosiated with "thinking" is slow and , more importantly it is limited. It is limited because it uses symbols. That's what gives so many "sides" to everything that can be discussed. The intelligence associated with perception is quick and unlimited because it does not use symbols but "sees" the thing itself. This is why a child's perception is so exalted. The intelligence associated with unobscured perception often sees solutions within the problems themselves. It is in this sense that I said Einstein "felt" Relativity. It is intelligence of a higher order. It is often dismissed or invalidated by calling it intuition, especially when that term connotes something mysterious or vague. No, this is real and it can be experienced . How? By watching within yourself how your thoughts are conditioned and how they interfere with YOUR perception. Seeing that fact within yourself is the first step to loosing its power to blind your perception. Direct unfettered perception ,and the meaning it yields, is what validates the statement.."they have eyes but they cannot see".

  • seedy3

    Hi Lucid,

    A very interesting website, When someone askes me what my beliefs are, I would usually tell them that I am an Agnostic Neo-pagan, much the same a the buddists believe, it sort of throws them for a loop. I think it does that because I don't think most people that buddists do not beleive in a "God", They actually believe in a divine energy or force but it is not a God in a true sence.

    This pantheisem, although I have heard of it before, but never reasearched it, goes much a long with my beliefs, that I have held for quite some time. It was a very interesting read.


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