I just got ripped off for two grand :-(

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  • Prisca

    I wish Naeblis would rip my shirt off, or better yet, why don't you two guys rip both your shirts off and I'll compare your, um,... belly buttons!

  • teejay


    I guess SOME useful purpose is served in your spending time in this thread pointing to what may or may not be the motives behind *my* comments here. I find it odd, though, that you haven’t made a single comment about the vicious way Mindchild was (mis)treated by those he considered friends, friends he thought worthy of being defended.

    Why *is* that?

  • Imbue


    Just admit it you miss the fighting...LOL That's why you brought those comments over here. Where Julie and Tina can't post.

    Why*is* that?

    Are you really concerned for Mindchild or do you want MC to have to continue to explain himself. When he already said he would prefer to continue this in email.

    Why are you stirring this up? Are you bored?

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    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • waiting

    Hello Imbue,

    That's why you brought those comments over here. Where Julie and Tina can't post. -imbue
    Of course Tina and Julie can post over here. Julie has, on several different threads within the last several weeks. Tina (the name crossed out) still has an account here. She had one, then demanded it be deactivated, then made the Valentine one, then got the other one re-activated, then decided to use the Valentine one, then got it de-activated, but still has her original account, if my memory serves correctly - rather complicated, but she still has an account here. Even if she didn't have an account - Simon NEVER banned her, and only de-activated one of her accounts at her continued request.

    Mindchild's predicament:

    As for Mindchild's thread on Kent's forum - it's nice that people finally acquiesced to Mindchild's request to take their questions to e-mail (even if Kent did start another thread with his personal questions thereafter.) That would have been nice if people had done that in the first place, particularily since it deterioriated into a business deal being questioned, along with his integrity.

    Personally? I thought it was odd to leave $2,000 in an unlocked attache case knowing a slug was living there. But, we're all different, eh? It still sucks, and nobody can afford to lose that kind of money.

    Btw, our business deals in a lot of cash also, paticularily from teens with a large appetite for subwoofers & amps. Cash is cash, and it always spends & buys. I have stereo reps call on me who carry large amounts of cash as part of their job, and they carry concealed guns. Ain't life grand?

    I'm glad that Prof. Larc came on this thread to validate the type of business that Mindchild's been in for over a decade. Don't know anything about any Island......which why it was a curiosity to bring it up over at Kent's. Now we all know the questions. Perhaps if people knew that information by private e-mail, it should have been kept off Kent's public forum in the first place, eh?


    Just a word of caution? I'd find out his first and last name before moving 5/6 people across the nation for a job with him. Particularily if you are his "business partner." It would seem that you would have had that information from the get-go, along with his SS# or Business Fed ID# and making sure that all business taxes are currently paid.

    I don't know him personally - and I don't know a thing bad about him. Mindchild has always posted well over here, and Abaddon thinks highly of him. Going into business, or working for someone, is an entirely different ballgame.

    By putting all this information on a public information, you've opened yourself and Mindchild up to many comments. Good luck on your move & business venture.


    ps: Sorry about the length of the post *sigh*.

  • Imbue

    OK Waiting, *correction* where Julie and Tina choose not to post anymore. So, is Teejay missing the fighting...LOL That would be the point of my comment.

    Why *is* it that he pasted comments from another board here? Only to stir up a fight, after MC said he didn't want to discuss it on the board anymore.

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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