Most Frightening Door to Door Experience

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  • Valis

    I remeber this old woman breaking into tongues while I was in service w/my mom. Scared the hell right out of my mother..heheh...My worst was knocking on this door and it opened a little bit. When the guy came to answer the door he thought I had opened it and started yelling at me. I was totally crying and when I told my mom, she has the nerve to ask me.."Well did you open it?"......


    District Overbeer

  • Joyzabel

    I remember in the 8th grade going door to door with my best friend, as usual on Saturday. But at this one door there was a mean, barking, jumping up and down German Shepard. The old lady at the house put him in the back yard and came out on the front porch to talk to us young girls. A few minutes later the dog tore through the house, broke down the front screen door and lunged at us. I put my arm up to shield my face and the dog's jaws clamped around my arm. I didn't realize the extent of the puncture wounds until at the doctor's he stuck a cotton-end stick down one wound and it went in over an inch!
    And I thought I was going to be protected in "service"! doh! why didn't I figure it out then.

  • ShaunaC

    One of the scariest was when I was working with my family in a rural town. Only my dad got out because there were many "Beware of Dog" signs. The owner ended up pulling a shotgun on him.

    Soon after Desert Storm began I had a man get very irate with me because of our neutral stand. He got so heated that I seriously thought he was going to blow a gasket.

    The funniest and most embarrassing was when I was Reg pioneering with my best friend. I was 16 and she was 17. We often worked the rural areas of town by ourselves. On time a college boy answered the door "a bucked naked". It was obvious he did it just to get a rise out of us young girls. We tried very hard to not look down. Although being extrememly embarrassed we still were good pioneers and offered the mags. Thank God he didn't take them cuz then he would have had to open the screen door!


  • Joyzabel

    Hey, why didn't I ever get those naked guys at the door???

    I must admit the most embarassing time for me at the door was when I was about 9 or 10. My best friend and I were out together, as usual and yes by ourselves at the door. We got to laughing so hard at one door, thank goodness they weren't at home, I ended up peeing on myself. Left a huge puddle on the cement porch! lol At least we were smart enough not to leave anything in that door.
    The worst part about it was riding home with wet panties! euwww, I couldn't tell my parents what I just did. :-)


  • Francois

    I never had anyone come to the door naked while I was in service. However, I worked in the apartment cleaning business for about 6 months with a couple of brothers while I was looking for a job once.

    We went to an occupied apartment to paint just the kitched for the gal who lived there. She came to the door in sheer undies and a T-Shirt with no bra. The T-Shirt said "Bee A Sweety, Eat Your Honey" and had a picture of a honey bee and a hive.


    It took about 17 second to figure out that she would have taken all of us on right then and there. The two dopes I was with acted like she was an eskimo dressed for winter; my tongue was so hard I couldn't speak. She got the idea we weren't going to do anything and the look of disappointment on her face was SOOoooooo moving. If I had been there by myself...


  • ThatSucks

    Hello Francois.

    Please explain how the above experience was frightening to you. I would have considered that a disappointment, not anything frightening. I mean, perhaps you were afraid of dropping your britches on the spot?

  • maxwell

    I grew up in a rural area. Some people would blow their horn if they were way back off the road and saw beware of dog signs to see if the dogs would come out. I would just not get out when I saw those signs. If the dogs heard my car, and came out barking, I'd assume anyone there could hear the dogs. If I saw the sign and didn't see the dogs, I'd give one or two light taps on the horn. Usually the car sound would bring out any dogs anyway.

    Anyway one day we drove up to a house and a pit bull comes running out barking loud and growling making a lot of noise. We had a car full of brothers, but of course no one got out. The dog was making plenty of noise, but the brother driving decided to blow the horn anyway. I think he also looked out the window and smiled at the dog. Well the pit bull sank his teeth into one of the mud flaps on his car and just ripped it off. As we were sitting there in the driveway, we saw a pickup truck roll by on the road behind us. After the pit bull ripped off the mud flap, we left. As we pulled away down the road, the truck that rolled by, came back and pulled into the driveway. I guess they just decided to let their pit bull deal with us. It was the summer and we had the windows down as well. You can imagine how fast we rolled those windows up.

    I remember another time my sister and a friend were at a door. They were behind some bushes and out of sight. All of a sudden I see them pop down from behind the bushes with a couple of dogs barking. I opened the door ready to jump out and help them with the dogs. Fortunately, the dogs were all bark, but I was scared, they were scared.

    Fortunately, I never had a direct threat of violence. But, one other scary thing was going up to those houses with confederate flags flying or on their car. I grew up in a southern state. My congregation was almost all black (I'm black as well), while the county I lived in was pretty much half and half. Of course you can debate over whether the confederate flag has any racial connotations, but you ride way up a long drive way back off the road and see the Dukes of Hazzard looking people acting mean back there it can be kind of scary. You're not sure whether they're tellin you to "git" because they don't like the religion or your color or both. We didn't stay to question them. However, we did have one white pioneer sister who worked in our congregation for a while who reported that some of her calls would come to the turning point when they found out where she was inviting them. That's not to say that all Dukes of Hazzard looking people were mean. Most of the time, they were really friendly and some would talk you to death just because they were happy to see somebody way back there.

  • SusiecueS

    I pioneered for many years, so I have all the killer dog stories etc... But my most frightening experience was one day when another sister and I were working a far out territory up in the wooded hills. We came across a gate that was open, that never had been in the past, so we decided this may be our only chance. We drove thru the gate and wound around another 3 miles thru the trees, where we finally came upon a house. No dogs, but nobody was home either. So we left, only to get down to the gate and find someone had locked the gate behind us! We had not passed another vehicle on that one lane dirt road! We were scared! We went back up to the house-still no one home. So we drove back down to the gate, got out and searched for a hidden key--but to no avail! We sat in a hot, locked car for almost 7 hrs before some one came along and opened that gate for us. He kindly threatened us to never come back while he was telling us how we had deserved what we got! Nope! I never went back!

  • SPAZnik

    spender that's the best knock-knock joke i've ever heard!



  • Quotes

    1 While working house-to-house in "suburbia" with my father, a car stops on the street, a guy (late 20s, maybe) gets out and walks up to us. I'm in the middle of my presentation with the "householder" and this guy literally trys to break it up. He mumbles something to the householder about "you don't need to hear this" and takes the magazines I was about to hand to her. I said to him "excuse me, do you live here?" and it turns out he didn't, he was just passing by, saw us, and decided to start a fight with us -- which is only fair, since we were out knocking on people'd doors picking religious fights with them! He then goes on to rant about how is mother was a JW, but when she needed blood, she took it, therefore the religion is a sham. Unfortunately, his illogical did little to convice me

    2 While working a slightly more rural section north-east of suburubia, we knocked on a door with many vehicles and Harley-Davidsons outside. Whoever answered the door let us in partway, and immediately called upon someone else to talk to us. In the meantime, is was pretty apparent that this was some sort of biker hangout, with people (bikers & biker chicks) all over the place, mostly still sleeping off the previous nights celebrations.

    When the senior guy came to talk to us, he listened to our spiel for about 30 seconds and then said "Take a look around you, man. Look at where you are." To this day I don't know if that was a safety warning or just a futility warning, but I zealously replied that our message is for all people, just as Jesus preached to all sorts of people.

    It didn't sink in until after we were back in the car just how bad that could have been.

    In summary I would like to add that if a JW comes to your door, don't be mean or dangerous or violent or threatening, you are just reinforcing their persecution complex. Remember, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar!

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