Are there ever any scriptural reasons why a man would get a separation from his wife?

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  • CrackingTheWhip

    *** lv pp. 220-221 The Bible’s View on Divorce and Separation ***

    Willful nonsupport.

    Extreme physical abuse.

    Absolute endangerment of spiritual life.

    In the book "Keep Yourselves in God's Love", these are the three reasons listed as to why a separation may occur. Often, though, there is the perception that the wife is the victim, and the husband's the perpetrator. Lets say, for example, the husband is working to pay all the bills, but needs serious help. The wife is completely unwilling to lend financial support, though she is able to do so, claiming "Jehovah will bless us. Put kingdom interests first". She'd rather just work part time and pioneer/clean the house/anything other than work. I don't mean she cannot find work, but is not even willing to try or put in any serious effort.

    Given, she may pay her own personal expenses, but never any household bills. Nevertheless, she is complicating expenses because she uses electricity, wears clothes, eat food, uses water, etc. Could a brother claim she is guilty of willful nonsupport and separate?

  • Comatose

    Interesting thought. But, the WT is very pro men... The MAN provides. I think the would just look at you like your head was on fire.

  • Scully

    These conditions are mainly geared toward a JW Sister™ separating from a non-JW husband.

    The JW husband is supposed to be presiding over his family appropriately, providing for them, etc. If the wife's spending is out of control or their financial situation deteriorates, he is expected to take charge and find a way to provide for his family within his means. It could require moving to a less expensive home, selling a vehicle, taking the bus to work, spending less on material things, working overtime (provided it doesn't interfere with Meetings™ and Field Service™), etc.

    If his JW wife is unwilling to cooperate, the Elders™ will consider him unfit for Privileges™ because he is not "presiding over his family in a fine manner". If he were to separate from her it would reflect poorly on him, not on her.

    I think a staunch JW husband would rather move his entire family in with his mother-in-law before admitting that he cannot get his JW wife to be In Subjection™ to his Headship™.

  • TD
    Could a brother claim she is guilty of willful nonsupport and separate?

    I seriously doubt it, but would not call that 'pro-men.'


    There is absolutely no scriptural support for separation. On the flip-side the scriptures don't condemn it either. What really blows my mind, is that the WTBTS uses " absolute endangerment of spiritual life " as grounds for separation, and for turning a blind eye to divorcing an "apostate" spouse. There is no such thing as spiritual endangerment. No matter what trial a righteous person endures, even death, they cannot lose on a spiritual level. The WTBTS says that there is no stumbling block for the righteous! So if a pedo gets your kid, wait on Jehovah! If your spouse realizes all the GB's lies and has private beliefs that differ from the ever-changing WT magazine, then divorce is acceptable. It's another way to destroy the family unit, one of Satan's goals BTW.

    The GB do not have faith in the GOD they supposedly serve. Otherwise they would not teach blasphemous lies about "spiritual endangerment."

  • AndDontCallMeShirley
    Extreme physical abuse

    Note that in WT's legalistic mindset some physical abuse is acceptable, as long as it's not extreme. Only when physical abuse becomes "extreme" could a JW even begin to entertain the thought of "scriptural" separation.

    WT loves seeing a JW "take one for the team" all to support fictitious rules based on absurd reasoning.

  • Comatose

    And bear in mind that the person who separated due to extreme physical abuse, would not be scripturally free to remarry. Whacky.

  • blondie

    Correct Comatose, you can divorce but not remarry scripturally.


    1) Based on WTS interpretation that men are required scripturally to support their families materially, a wife does not even have to have a secular job as long as she does the typical women things of cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children.

    2) Physical abuse....there are women who do physically abuse their husbands, a few, but what man would admit it or be believed by other men.

    3) spiritual endangerment, a separation could be obtained based on the wife teaching the children "falsehoods" and making the household a hotbed of religious pressure. But the secular world believes that women have the right to teach their children their own religious beliefs and the WTS uses that to get jw wives of non-jw husbands the legal right to do so.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley
    And bear in mind that the person who separated due to extreme physical abuse, would not be scripturally free to remarry.

    A classic example of WT further victimizing the victim.

  • CrackingTheWhip

    So a man has to suck that up and keep it moving, even if it's hurting the family?

    Sometimes the situation calls for two incomes, and if she doesn't supply that, I don't see how he would not "qualify" for separation, according to JW rules.

    I've heard of abusive wives two, constantly throwing things at the husband or threatening to send her brothers to "take care of him".

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