German Branch visit talk Mark Sanderson (Parents; don't hinder young children to get baptized)

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  • brandnew

    This lame has no kids, lived with parents until going to bethel, has no wife, and wants to talk about how others raise their kids????????

    What a [email protected][email protected]#!$in low life leech.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    Responding to the OP, the GB does view this as a problem. The churn rate for youth is super super high. One of the best things to do is get them super indoctrinated at a young age.
  • prologos

    wt: baptize them before they reach the age of consent.!

    Children can die because parents do not give consent to a blood transfusion, so why would imposed early baptism be a problem?

    Sanderson, German minors served and died died in 1945 for the 1000 year Reich, wt is not to be outdone.

  • smiddy

    Once a poor child is baptized at a young age , the pressure to be as responsible as an adult is enormous , resulting in all manner of problems to be dealt with in later life.

    This religion has never understood children being children , making mistakes on their journey to adulthood.


  • RoyalFlushPhil

    Blondie while researching that scripture on the Pharisees traversing land and sea to locate a disciple that would become so bad, Jesus said they would merit "double the judgement of Gehenna or Hell" I came across different renderings of this verse.

    These Jewish Proselytes were not infants or children, coming on age in Ancient Israel was 30 years old(There were a few Pedophiles that tried to claim "our sexual abuse done while in our late teens and twenties should not count because we were not of age!" Here's something new I learned while trying to better grasp False Prophets and Wicked People making people worse.

    JWs used age 30 as the age of adult hood and responsibility and they want 7 to 16 year old kids to give their life to the Watchtower Organization, they truly don't know their own faith! Do they think everyone who came down to see John-the-Baptist and got baptized were kids, they were all adults who knew they needed to show a change in heart or some type of repentance(Luke1-2). JWs don't know their faith because the Watchtower does not teach them the Bible or historical religion out of fear they might leave.

    Gills Bible Commentary

    "Ethiopic version reads the words, "baptize one proselyte, and when he is baptized"; referring to a custom among the Jews, who baptized; or dipped their proselytes in water, as well as circumcised them; about which there are great disputes in their writings; some alleging, that the dipping of them was necessary to the making them proselytes; others affirming, that it was not:

    "a proselyte that is circumcised, and not dipped, dipped, and not circumcised, the whole follows after, or depends on circumcision, says R. Eliezer.''

    R. Joshua says, even dipping delays it; (i.e. the want of it, hinders a man from being a proselyte;) but R. Joshua ben Levi says, it should go according to the tradition of Bar Kaphra; for the tradition of Bar Kaphra is,

    "that he that is circumcised, and not dipped, lo! he is right; for there is no proselyte but what is dipped, because of the pollutions that happen to him (e).''

    And elsewhere (f) this is debated in the following manner:

    "a proselyte that is circumcised, and not dipped, R. Eliezer says, lo! this is a proselyte; for so we find concerning our fathers, that they were circumcised, but not dipped. One that is dipped, and not circumcised, R. Joshua says, lo! this is a proselyte; for so we find concerning our mothers, that they were dipped, but not circumcised. The wise men say, one that is dipped, and not circumcised, or circumcised, and not dipped, is no proselyte, until he is both circumcised and dipped.''

    So the dispute ended, and it became a settled point, that one should never be reckoned a proselyte, unless he was both circumcised and dipped. And after this it became customary to receive proselytes by circumcision, dipping, and sacrifice; and the manner was this (g):

  • berrygerry

    Can someone remind me, please? How old was Jesus when HE got baptized?

    Also interesting is the age of Jesus at baptism, and the life expectancy of classical Rome - if correct, it was about 35 years of age.

    Not much of a dedication, then, was it?

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    Thankyou very much that you took time to watch this and express some of the information. I am still licking my wounds due to the years of indoctrination I endured and could not face listening.

  • fastJehu

    @ Daniel1555

    Danke für Deinen Bericht (thanks for your report).

  • Watchtower-Free
  • Cadellin
    Yup, desperation at the hemorrhage of youth. Idiots. (The GB, not the youth who are leaving. The youth who are leaving are NOT idiots!!! In fact, they are proving their non-idiocy by leaving...)

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