Question for Current or Former Elders (baptism of minors)

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  • Michelle365

    I have joint custody of my two children with my ex husband who is still raising the kids on his time as JWs. My 11 year old claims she is getting baptized at the next assembly.

    I have heard that I can write a letter to the BOE and say that I oppose her getting baptized before she is 18. Is that true? Does it work? If so, any specific wording that must be used?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Splash

    I don't know the answer, but they will happily use theocratic warfare against you. In this case they would tell you one thing but still go ahead and baptise her.

    I'd be looking at sending a solicitors letter.


  • pinkygal

    They are like drug dealers, recruiting them early, what does a child really know at that age? What age was Jesus baptised again 21?

  • out4good3

    This kid has no idea of the pain she is setting herself up for.

  • sir82

    I've never heard of anyone doing this.

    I suspect the elders would laugh it off unless there some sort of threat of legal action.

  • Michelle365

    Splash, I agree with you that they will likely baptize her anyway. Figured it's worth a shot if it is something they are "supposed" to abide by. As Out4good3 says she doesn't know the pain she's setting herself up for and I am TRYING to push it off until she's at least legal age. I work for a lawyer so won't be too hard to get someone to allow me to send it on letterhead.


  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    In this country, if you don't have custodial care or joint custody, your objection would mean nothing.

  • Michelle365

    I do have joint custody and "religious decisions" are supposed to be made together.

  • JakeM2012

    Once JW's get your daughter baptised, they could then influence her (bully her) to cut off association with you and demonize you further.

    I would start by discussing with both children (age appropriate?) the seriousness of their baptism and the possible effects on your famlies relationship. Just reasoning with her personally that Jeus got baptised at an age around 30, might influence her. If Jesus got baptised at 30, and he certainly had his father's blessing that was evident by holy spirit desending in the form of a dove and his father voice from heaven, what is her hurry? Does she feel pressured by the father?

    I'd be tempted to run it by a lawyer explaining the consequences of a minor's commitment in JW world. Baptism with JW's is not like any other religions infant baptism. With JW's baptism as a minor, your daughter will be expected immediately, at the age of 11, to bear the responsibility of an adult within the congregation. Depending on the country your in, there might be some motion that you could make in court that could delay it and/or contingent on a judges decision. At the least, a lawyer could write a "hammer" type letter to your husband, which would be better than writing a letter to the elders.

  • barry

    Michelle , You say you have joint custody so just enforce your rights and don't back down.

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