Ex-JW Scholarship

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  • enigma1863

    I think if there isn’t one already, there should be a scholarship for Ex-JWs to get a college education. I don’t know exactly what would be the qualifications to win the scholarship or where the money would come from.

  • slimboyfat

    I have thought about this. But wouldn't a scholarship on the basis of religious affiliation be discriminatory?

  • joyfulfader

    I remember an experience given years ago about a Mormon who had decided to become a witness. That person was studying at Brigham Young University on a full scholarship. The speaker then denounced the university and the Mormon church for retracting the person's scholarship for religious differences and criticized the university for not allowing the person to use their own powers of reason in deciding their beliefs. I remember the scathing tone the speaker had when saying in effect how dare they revoke a deserved scholarship over a change in religious belief. The student was not asked to leave the university, he just lost his scholarship because he no longer qualified for it.

  • RayPublisher

    I belive that anyone can make a scholarship fund to be given to whomever they choose, as long as they do not take government monies or subsidies.


    Call it "reparations" and the Government can force the WTBTS to pay into a fund. Actually, all religions should have to pay taxes specifically for this purpose. This could also be part of their "charity" work, to make up for the mistreatment of children.

  • snare&racket

    If I ever by some miracle become super wealthy I'd like to buy a rehab house for people needing accomodation and support so that they can leave the cult.

    A scholarship is an awesome idea x


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    It is the best idea I have ever read here. Besides helping our own kind, the mere existence of a scholarship could be marketed to draw press and public attention to what WTs believe. Look at what happened to Santorum when he opposed college--Santorum not only finished college, he is a lawyer. One who should be disbarred for stating that we are a Christian nation.

    He lost any very remote choice of winning a general election. People were revolted.

    This is what I mean about small scale independent action in our daily lives. Leaders are dangerous. Before FB, I said it was too dangerous. People in their communities or small informal groups can accomplish greater good than awkward, static orgs. Membership numbers and financial assets do not equate with real life success.

    Focus on specific, doable tasks. Saul Alinsky, a union and civil rights organizer, wrote a book called Rules for Radicals. His ideas work regardless of your world view.

    History is full of countless examples. The WT will not be brought down by vandalism and hatred. It is vulnerable to mockery, creative protests, and our own actions in our daily lives.

  • LisaRose

    Does anyone in the ex JW community have experience in setting up non profits? I would be happy to donate to that cause.

  • rebel8

    There is one already.



    In January 2012, SPF resumed its college scholarship program for children raised in cults that routinely violated the basic human rights of children.

    In 2012 and 2013, we disbursed 4 $500 scholarship awards to students. We currently have funding for two additional $500 scholarship awards for 2013 so we encourage anyone who is interested to apply as soon as possible. The application may be sent by postal or electronic mail (details are on very page of the application). If you prefer to fax the application, please use our fax cover sheet and then contact us to confirm receipt.

    Scholarship availability is dependent on available funding. As of January 2013, our currently funded scholarships are the Daniel Frouman Memorial Scholarship, which received a donation pledge that will provide scholarships of at least $500 per year for at least two students per year from January 2012 until January 2017 and the Julia McNeil Memorial Scholarship which has also received a 5-year (2013 until 2018) $1000 per year pledge. In the next few months, we plan to host several fundraising events that we hope will increase available scholarship funding.

    If you can, please donate to the scholarship fund. If you are interested in applying for a Safe Passage Foundation Scholarship funded by the Daniel Frouman Memorial Scholarship Fund, please apply as soon as possible. ...

  • Phaedra

    rebel8, thanks for this link. If anyone else knows of scholarships available to former JWs, please post them.


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