No windows on Kingdom Halls?

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  • just_a_girl

    I just read a post on another site I belong to (non-JW related) where a person asked if anyone knew why JWs do not have windows on their kingdom halls. A few other people responded saying that they had noticed the same thing, that they thought it was b/c the JWs believe that windows are just an adornment, hence a distraction?

    In my 20+ years of being a JW and attending quick builds, I never noticed this ... it never even dawned on me ... and now that I try to think back, I can't remember there being any windows at the KHs I attended?

    Anyone here know the answer to this? Did I just block out this part of my life so well that I just can't remember windows? Or are the JWs adverse to letting the sunshine in??

  • spender

    that's incorrect. It's simply a safety precaution, since lots of people like to bash in windows when there are some. In maryland there were bomb threats and such to the halls as well. However, if you go to Maine, all the halls there have windows.

  • Elsewhere

    Most of the KHs I went to did have windows... granted they were small. It seems to be the newer ones (build 1980+) that don't have the windows.

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  • spender

    The couple I visited in Maine were very recently built...sometime in the 90's. Very pretty inside..nicer than a lot I've seen in other places.

  • flower

    they used to have windows on them but as was said the newer quick build kingdom halls started being built without windows in the 80s and 90s i believe. none of the quick builds i've worked on have had windows. there was never any wierd reason given just that its easier to build, less chance of vandalism, less noise distraction (airplanes, sirens ect), and of course less distraction to members who daydream out the window instead of paying attention to their daily dose of brainwashin.


  • Billygoat

    I think there were probably several reasons, but one of them being economic. I think it's probably more expensive to have windows than just a flat wall. I think it's also partly the distraction issue.

    Every KH I went to only had those little bitty windows close to the ceiling. Let the light in, but you couldn't see out of it.

  • roybatty

    I was an elder working on a quick-build project a years back and there were two reasons why the Society discourages windows. One, cost savings (this was the biggest reason) and two, saftey. Saving money was the biggest reason though. The Hall is way out in the country and crime here is almost non-existant.
    BTW, the Hall looks terrible without windows. As a matter of fact, there was a heated argument between the body of elders that I was on and the regional building commitee regarding windows. Guess who won?

  • elbobbo

    There are no windows so nonbelievers can't see the animal sacrifices performed every Tuesday afternoon. Also, whenever the CO comes into town the elders have large orgies and if there are windows people can take pictures. Those pictures can be quite the good blackmail so they just stopped putting windows in so no one could take pictures.

  • apostate man
    apostate man

    Vandalism is a lame excuse. You don't see all the other churches geting their windows broken every day, do you?

    Common sense would say that they should have windows in the Hall, to make it a beautiful church and to attract people.

    Cost, is the biggest reason. Bunch of cheapscates.

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  • spender

    And you would know this AM because....?

    Were you there when our halls got bomb threats?

    Were you there when a carton of eggs were thrown against the front door of the hall?

    You have absolutely no evidence to back up your claim that "vandalism is a lame excuse"...and you most certainly can't try to back it up by comparing JWs to other religions. dubs are hated more than other religions because they're the ones that come to people's doors bugging them about religion every two weeks.

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