Where did Pastor Russell get his TRUTH?

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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Where did Russell get his 'truth'? A cat's bum.

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    marking...thanks Terry. coming back to read properly later.


    Russel was a man. He did nothing to earn himself everlasting adoration, or power over my life. I am not his judge, but why should I be judged on whether or not I accept the off-shoots of his interpretations of the speculations of previous generations?

  • OnTheWayOut

    I enjoy the simplicity of wikipedia entries.

    To get the roots story, one could read in this order:




    It might be just me, tired of piling on more, but I wouldn't imagine myself reading a longer version than that at Wikipedia unless it was told from a first or second person point of view.

  • Finkelstein

    Where did Pastor Russell get his TRUTH?

    From himself and his individual and opportunistic endeavors playing the role as a atypical secrete code breaker of the bible.

    He was able to sell and spread his theological ideologies through his printing and publishing company, which some

    people consumed and supported. Unfortunately out his endeavors he creating a wealthy publishing house (WTS.) which

    one intellectually dishonest man struggled to take over for himself, which left what exist today the Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Terry

    Old Goat I appreciate that so much of what is "out there" as reference has been bloated like a corpse through inexactitudes.

    The worst thing an otherwise neutral writer can do is indulge in self-fulfillment by accepting confirmation bias as a compass.

    I eagerly await the essential research of a true historian into the early days of pre Rutherford "truth- mongering" by Russell

    and others connected to the 2nd Advent.

    Almost certainly the availability of new-light documents (in a rational sense of the phrase) will reveal many assumptions have been errors.

    It will be up to me and bible students and Internet bloggers to adjust their calibrations accordingly for intellectual honesty sake.

    Alas! Nobody can prove God was not leading this person and that. What we can do is see what the disconfirming evidence does to confident

    statements made while claiming divine direction! By that standard, all of us are probably not going to be surprised if Russell was self-deluded in his

    absolutist stance on the bible as a source of fact or data about future events.

    As to what exact sources informed Russell's theology and what each person called his religious modality--I shrug expectantly knowing that

    the importance of jot and tiddle depends on which side of the decimal they stand for.

    C.T.Russell was standing on the shoulders of giants for his elevated view. Except they weren't giants of fact. They were giants of delusion.

    Giants of the mirage. Giants of assertion. Giants of obsession. I could go on, but, why spoil a perfectly lovely day:)

    As I discover how far off my identifications are and have been I will be there shouting the loudest for all of us to take notice and correct the indelible memory of Pastor Russell.

    My God! How many people are still enthralled by the man?! Rutherford, on the other hand, had nobody at his funeral, I hear. What does this

    say about the magnitude of a human being's character? That he is defended, discussed, embraced and damned 97 years after death is some kind of

    By-God miracle of influence!

    Baby, I'm amazed!

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Rutherford had been dead not quite four years the first time I walked into a Kingdom Hall. Old Timers (I guess I'm one of those now) saw him as a bulwark against the world. "Bible Students" hated him, and still do. When I was new to Witnesses, I read everything he wrote. He was quite a character. I dont' believe many of the things said about him. That photo that floats around of him and a group drinking makes me laugh. I'm old enough to remember rootbeer dispencers. That's what's in the photo and that's what their drinking.

    Other issues? I just don't know. A good place to start is to doubt everything.

  • Terry

    I'm old enough to remember rootbeer dispencers. That's what's in the photo and that's what their drinking.

    That's a lovely remembrance. I really like that it is root beer. But, what about those runs to Canada by his chauffer to get booze? More


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