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  • Terry

    They have no qualms about re-writing their history, distorting the facts

    The disinformation mindset is not only unethical it demonstrates consciousness of wrongful acts!

    That makes them feckless moral authoratarians with counterfeit credentials for leading any Christian religion.

  • Terry

    Fernando: There is no honourable way to leave once baptised

    It is a Venus Fly trap religion, isn't it? Good point!

  • Terry

    In fact the entire concept of Conscience™ where JWs are concerned revolves around whatever happens to be the WTS's doctrine du jour.

    I absolutely agree with that assessment! The WT religion is a destroyer of conscience because your OWN inner consciousness is in COMPETITION

    with what "Mother" says is right conduct! The ideal JW is a giant rubber stamp with legs!

  • Jim_TX

    The conscience thing goes beyond what 'mother' says - if you like the color green, and wear it, but it 'offends' someone else's conscience, then you have to abandon wearing the color green. (Note: the example is made up, to give you the idea.)

    One is/was always having to avoid 'stumbling' someone else, just because they are too sensitive, or whatever, and it could be over something as simple as wearing the color green. Utter BS.

  • truth_b_known

    I think under the political/social climate of the united states, the best thing to do is stick with your main topic. Since 9/11 there has be a resurgence in support for the United States military. The anti-military message of Jehovah's Witnesses is not well know by the public.

    In addition, I remember back in the mid-1990's when the Watchtower Society changed its stance and said the accepting alternative service to compelled military service was alright. Think of all the young brothers like yourself who needlessly spent time in prison due to the flip-flopping philosphies of the WB&TS. It sickens to me.

    The big regret in my life is that I did not serve in the military was I was younger. I wasted my youth pioneering and postponed my college education as well as my law enforcement career.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Terry... I would love to know a little more background about John Aquila Brown... After all, isn't he the guy that started all the dooms-day nonsense in the 19th century after writing "The Even Tide" in 1823 ?? .. Also, he came up with the 2,520-yr Gentile Times calculation that the Watchtower is claiming exclusive rights to... just saying...

  • Terry

    Terry... I would love to know a little more background about John Aquila Brown... After all, isn't he the guy that started all the dooms-day nonsense in the 19th century after writing "The Even Tide" in 1823 ?? ..


    I thought the list of forerunners in End Times manipulations would be a short list. I was wrong.

    To write about it I had to leave out hundreds of names and religious sectarian links in the chain.

    From about the time of the Great Awakening by the Scot Presbyterians in Europe every bible believer who had any stripe of fundamentalism in them

    abandoned rational thinking and common sense chasing after charts and dates the way another person might solve Crossword puzzles.

    This is just a fragment of a much larger possible list:


    Sir Isaac Newton sets out his comments on scripture and the apocalypse. He predicts the end no earlier than 2030 A.D. only to stop others from predicting earlier dates.


    The Great Awakening in England, Scotland, Germany and eventually, America was Anti-Enlightnement in sermons and books written by fundamentalists and Evangelists. Christians were to turn away from rational, scientific logic and go with their feelings. The thrust of this movement in America was started by Scots Presbytherians in Pennsylvania. The home of C.T.Russell. This movement next caught fire with the Congregationalists and spread to Puritans and others. The movement divided into two groups called "OLD LIGHTS" and "NEW LIGHTS."


    Roman Jesuit priest named Emmanuel de Lacunza (1731 - 1801) completed the three volumes of his major work, "The Coming of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty" . This work served as an influence on William Miller in his studies. He posited a "secret" return of Christ.


    William Miller (February 15, 1782 – December 20, 1849), Baptist lay preacher and war hero sets forth a twenty-point document, including article 15: "I believe that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near, even at the door, even within twenty-one years,--on or before 1843."


    Critique of Miller's Work by Baptist minister John Dowling, published as

    "The False Prophet Confouded" Chapter 4 refutes Miller’s 2,520 year chronology as a “stretch of ingenuity.” He criticizes Miller’s 677 BC date as “calculating backward” to make the chronology work.

    Dowling then suggests 606 BC beginning date for a 2,520 year period:

    "It would have answered his purpose, doubtless, much better had this subtraction happened to have brought out the number 606 BC, the date of the commencement of the 70 years captivity of the Israelites in Babylon; but figures will not bend, and therefore, for want of a better, this date of Manasseh's being taken prisoner is adopted, though it was the mere captivity of an individual king, and not of the Jewish people, as the Babylonish captivity was, 71 years after."


    Newspaper publisher, Horace Greeley, editor of the New-York Tribune, published an “extra” edition of his newspaper on March 2, 1843, to refute Miller’s calculations and try to quell the Millerite frenzy.


    E.B.Elliott, Jesuit scholar writes, HORAE APOCALYPTICAE, chronology predictions for the coming of Christ. 2,500 pages long. His book is viewed as the master work by end times chronology dabblers. He pushes the date 1865 or, as an extreme, 1914.


    Nelson Barbour came to believe that Christ had returned in 1874, but invisibly. This echoed the ideas of Lacunza in 1790. In Herald of the Morning, July P.28.magazine he explained:

    "...there is, and must be a period of time called, "the days of tie Son of man;" in which, although He is here, the world will be ignorant of his presence. "

    the "times of the Gentiles," viz. their seven prophetic, times, of 2520, or twice 1260 years, which began where God gave all, into the hands of Nebuchadnezzar, 606 B.C.; do not end until A.D. 1914; or 40 years from this; following E.B.Elliott's cue as well as John Dowling.

    Or...From a website I just found:

    1823Rev John Brown realises that the period is 2520 years long and believes it started in 604BC at the accession of Nebuchadnezzar. He correctly calculates that the 2520 years would end in 1917AD if they started in 604BC.
    1875Barbour calculates that the 2520 years start in 606, this being 70 years before 536 when the Jews rebuilt the altar he thought. He miscalculates that the 2520 years end in 1914, he was one year out. He forgot that there was no 0 BC, it went 1 BC then 1 AD !
    1876Russell publishes the same in his Bible Examiner
    1904Russell realises that he may be one year out and the Gentile Times might actually end in October 1915
    1914Gentile Times ends (Russell thought on Tishri10, but actually on Tishri15)
    1943Franz adjusts the start date to 607Tishri in the book: 'The truth shall set you free'. The date for the rebuilding of the altar by Zerubbabel, 70 years after 607Tishri is now 537Tishri, a correct date. But the date for the burning of Jerusalem by Nebuchanezzar of 607 is wrong. And the start of the Gentile Times being the assassination of Gedaliah is also wrong.
    1988Ed Schnopp, collates overwhelming evidence that 604 was the 1st regnal year of Nebuchadnezzar and therefore Jerusalem was burned in 586 BC. John Brown knew this in 1823, he had the first year of Nebuchadnezzar as 604 !! Ed shows that there are two 70 year exiles, one for Israel and one for Judah. Israel's exile ends in 539Tishri at the fall of Babylon and starts he thought in 609 with the Babylonian conquest of Nineveh or the fall of Assyria to Babylon.
    1992Gordon thought he had proved that the Gentile times were 2520 years long from Leviticus 26 (something Franz had suspected but could not prove). But in fact he proved that the Law carried a 2520 year malediction on the physical sons of Israel. This 2520 year period is not the Gentile Times, we call it Balfour's Times it runs from 604 the first fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar to 1917 and the Balfour declaration a Jewish homeland in Israel.
    1999Gordon reads Ed Schnopp's web page, realises that Ed is right as regards the date of the burning of Jerusalem being 586, but knows that the 607 date is also right for the start of the Gentile Times. He then recalculates the whole history of the Kings and finds out that 607Tishri was the accession of Jehoiakim the vassal not of Jehovah but of Pharaoh Necho. Jehoiakim was appointed and chosen by Pharaoh, not by God. He realises that this was the true start of the Gentile Times. He then synchronises the Babylonian Chronology known to Rev Brown, with Biblical, Assyrian and Egyptian Chronology.
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    Terry, you have a PM.

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