HELP NEEDED for the book I'm writing!

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  • Fernando

    My top 3:

    1. There is no honourable way to leave once baptised
    2. They frequently accuse other religions of what they themselves are guilty of
    3. Their claim to be "publishers of the Good News" or evangelisers is false. They are "publishers of religion" or proselytisers.

    (Why do followers of the Watchtower religion call themselves “publishers of the Good News” whilst unfamiliar with the “Good News” according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah and Psalms?)

  • Oubliette

    Personally, I'd just rather hear your experiences and viewpoints.

    You have a unique way of writing and clearly many of us enjoy it.

    You have a PM

  • Scully

    I wrote an article here on JWN about how the Conscientious Objector status only applies when the WTS finds it convenient for them.

    If you were to Conscientiously Object to something going on within the organization, such as how child molesters are sheltered from justice via the Two Eye-Witness rule, the WTS considers it an act of rebellion, disloyalty and apostacy.

    JWs & the Concept of Conscientious Objection

    In fact the entire concept of Conscience™ where JWs are concerned revolves around whatever happens to be the WTS's doctrine du jour. We've seen this whenever New Light™ is published or announced from the platform - they drop the old teaching like a bag of turds and run with the new one. How on earth is that a reflection of a person's conscience??

  • Terry


    What the reader should wonder:

    Why would that institution have such a hold on you?

    Why is it such a flat earth society?

    Why are its adherents so ready to squeeze their eyes tight shut about any contrary evidence to what is proclaimed from a printing plant located somewhere in Brooklyn?

    What could be so menacing below a bunch of billboards viewed from the Staten Island Ferry?

    Why would anyone subscribe to a theology and human hatred akin to that of an H. G. Lovecraft horror story?

    Good stuff. I am mindful and will apply. Thank you very much!

  • Terry

    I think it's especially timely with the nu-light about the identity of the FDS. If CTR wasn't one, then whe the H*** did he get his info? From Newton or the Socineans?! Oh, they were not the FDS either!

    I'm discovering in the last couple of days how deep the well really is on the SOURCES of speculation and belief that were teeming like bacteria

    in Russell's day and how co-mingled and yet antognist the sects were toward their common obsessions!

    I'm trying to maintain a balance between interesting colorful previously hidden influences and an UNREADABLE blob of cowpoop apostate drivel.

    Surely I can find a balance?!!

  • Terry

    Hortensia: I can send you an outline for a book proposal, if you like. It's from my publishers. If you are interested, let me know.

    I also second the advice to use a professional editor. Of course, if you submit a book proposal that is accepted, you'll work with an editor at the publishing company. It also wouldn't hurt to have one or two writers on this forum read your manuscript and give feedback. Although, you don't know us and might want a NDA before getting anyone to read it.

    Love it. Go for it, I'm amenable! Good advice and duly noted!

  • Terry

    Mum, Medical quackery is BIG in the borg. Vaccinations used to be forbidden, dubs were told not to chew gum, not to use aluminum cookware and similar crazy pseudo-scientific claptrap. The biggest tragedy of all is that dubs refuse blood transfusions that could save their lives because of what they are told is meant by scriptures not at all related to medical procedures.

    I had overlooked that one. It is tragi-comedy, for sure. Nice catch. Thank you.

  • Terry

    band on the run: Some hard core conflicts. It may slso be good to chat w.human rights lawyers and activists to discuss their ta ke. Perhaps compare and contrast other religios.I was minding my own business, attending and greet with the director of Amnesty Int'l immediate ly after the Nobel prize award when someone asked where they are ineffective, the response was JWs, Albania, and Idi Amin. JWs refused to work with Amnesty.

    That is quite revealing and not a venue I've considered researching until you mentioned it.

    If you could write what you think is a salient sentence or two with specifics I'd appreciate it.

    Much obliged!

  • Terry

    I remember hearing a story about war prisoners being shown "fake" watchtowers to break their faith but they wouldn't look at them because they believed them to be fake. It would be interesting to find any who really found they were real and the information was non neutral and hypocritical

    That's a new one one me! I have no details--but, if others do, sound's spooky interesting:)

  • Terry

    rebel8:Tell your story in detail and use a lot of emotion words.

    Emotion words. That is incredibly important. I'm usually buried inside my head and sometimes forget that if you sound like

    Spock you come across as a Vulcan. I'm putting a memo in front of me: AVOID SPEAKING LIKE SPOCK!!

    Thanks for that!

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