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  • Terry

    I'm about 90% finished on a book I started nine years ago. It will deal with Jehovah's Witness policy on conscientious objectors during war time

    from the 1800's through the end of the Draft in the early 1970's.

    I am also giving a personal biographical account of my own introduction to the religion, process of assimilation and ministry experience.

    Additionally, I'm working in timelines connecting the 2nd Adventist teachings with Russell, Rutherford and mainstream Watchtower Doctrines.


    What would YOU personally most want to see included in such a book that you feel has been neglected in past books about JW-dom?

    Any detail you can bring to my attention will be welcomed.

    I am aiming this book toward an honest inquirer curious and open-minded enough to allow a crack of daylight into the chamber of Watchtower Horrors.

    If you can name the Top Three facts about this religion every single person on the planet needs to know that isn't obvious--I'll be

    very interested to see what your opinion may be.


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  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    Terry if you want your book to sell to the public in general the three things that I think need to be stressed for the widest appeal are

    No.1 How the witnesses divide everybody they come in contact with by trapping them in a web of lies. Think of your own case if you had went to Vietnam you would have been DFed. I was cut off from my familly for asking questions about science. So many of the other stories on this site so many examples.

    No.2 Their hatred of higher education and the wasted lives that result. There hatred of informed opposition opostates and the internet.

    No.3 The intelectual dishonesty of "new light" how they rewrite doctrine and how they comfort those trapped in the rank and file.

    But I suppose you are probably thinking along the same lines. Try to refrain from being too esoteric as this book won't be widely read by the witnesse themselves.

  • slimboyfat

    I think the book would be most valuable if you stay on topic because it sounds a very good topic that has not been covered in detail before and that you have personal insight to bring to bear. Don't over egg the pudding by including lots of other stuff, interesting as they may be in their own right. If you want to write a more general book on JW history and teachings then why not save that material for another book?

  • Jim_TX


    I think that slimboyfat has spoken very well. But if you insist on adding material, I think that many folks do not realize that many JWs put their lives on 'hold' waiting for that one event that will change their lives forever - Armageddon.

    Many JWs do not get married. (Not until the 'New System'.)

    Many JWs that are married, do not have children. (Not until the 'New System'.)

    Many JWs do not get college educations.

    Many JWs go door-knocking and do it full-time, waiting for this event, that will change their - and everyone elses' lives forever.

    Many JWs put off getting health taken care of - waiting.

    Many JWs put off... well, you get the picture.

    Any day now. It's coming. In our lifetime. We won't grow up. We won't grow old. We won't... <cough> <wheeze> <expire>

    Well, too late for that one... but their children, for sure won't... <repeat cycle>

  • Terry

    Thank you. All duly noted.

    I will divide the book into half and half. The Conscientious Objector section is widely referenced and supported with footnotes and sources.

    The other half is me growing up with my first idea of what god is, what church is, my developing friendship with a JW boy who was hellbent

    on converting me and my thought process as I --excuse the word--"evolved" into a lost soul who could barely make ends meet Regular Pioneering with

    3 children to feed.

    We will jump on the slip and slide to 1975 and come out the other side wondering what the hell just happened!

    We conclude with the process of fading and disfellowshipping and a gradual self-education into apostacy and what intellectual freedom really means.

  • Violia

    Jws shunned/ Df'd other jws prisoners if they felt they were apostates. The criteria for apostates could be anything , including just association with other inmates. so they DF folks in prison. I knew someone this happened to and it caused a mental breakdown and effected his entire life and that of his future family. Has that ever been discussed?

  • JeffT


    Unlike fiction (which is what I'm trying to get published) non-fiction can be marketed to agents/publishers with a good query letter and outline of the material to be covered. I would recommend putting together such a package, with the help of a professional editor and start sending out proposals. You will probably end up with some expert advice on how best to proceed.

  • kepler


    For about a year and a half now I have been reading and enjoying your well written entries on these topics. I for one will greatly look forward to whatever you manage to run the publication gauntlet with. And as either an aspiring or a frustrated writer myself, I share your sense of dilemma about what to include or what to leave for another volume. Because you indeed have enough material for not one but several more. Slimboyfat and others are right about staying on target. But what is it?

    While I have read some of your accounts of your experience with "conscientious objection", for lack of better ready term, I am not sure if that is the best way to introduce a larger reading public to the issues of being a Jehovah's Witness. I am inclined to think it might work better expanded in a second book, a subject that is touched on or introduced in a first.

    Taking a position against state policy is a larger issue to the general public. There are pros and cons about pacifism and resistance to "police actions", "interventions" etc. And they still are with us today as similar foreign policy issues arise in a world that does not seem headed for Armageddon but maybe millenia more of what State Department analyst Fukyama once dismissed as "history".

    So let me tell a related story with a different slant.

    A few years younger than you, but during the same period, I stepped out of line in a different smaller way. While most of us high schoolers were from lower middle class homes, we were working our tails off to get through parochial school and into college. There were only two of us in the whole graduating class that "shoved" the idea and I was one of them. I enlisted into service instead - which left me four years to contemplate that decision too. ... It wasn't that bad. It just put me in a holding tank where I went down a career path unanticipated, tempered by the realization of my own immaturity. Never mind for now, what was my state of mind or rationale, save that somewhere I too was making a statement. It was individual.

    Now beside the obvious contrast of conscientious objection or refusal to serve with going in as a "volunteer", there is something else afoot. I was already in an institution that was pervasive and manipulative. And I revolted against it. And then I seethed for four years realizing I had jumped from frying pan into a fire. Where school had thought literacy was critical thinking, the military thought of it as the ability to follow written orders - and especially if you were not an officer and hadn't gone to college.

    Now my adolescent decision is not as interesting as yours, but it is individual. Yours was made in part for you by an institution I would have fled.

    What the reader should wonder:

    Why would that institution have such a hold on you?

    Why is it such a flat earth society?

    Why are its adherents so ready to squeeze their eyes tight shut about any contrary evidence to what is proclaimed from a printing plant located somewhere in Brooklyn?

    What could be so menacing below a bunch of billboards viewed from the Staten Island Ferry?

    Why would anyone subscribe to a theology and human hatred akin to that of an H. G. Lovecraft horror story?

    You have the credentials of having put out for it with a prison term. You took very good notes on your circumstances and your manipulation. You have examined the psychology of it from both sides, plus the origins and history of it. What's more, I think what you have to tell the world is more than the repeated Pugachev cossack revolt line claiming, "If only we could get word to the Tsar or Tsarina..." Or the Trotskij in exile talking about how much better it would be had he been able to replace or liquidate a bunch of Stalins. Because the roots of this cult are deep in the American system. You've looked at it too.

    The introduction should not be the details of your stand-in for Rutherford's successors, but why it was done or how could this institution have stood as a viable alternative to you or others spending lifetimes in its sway.

    Now get to work!


    I think that linking the JW's to the Adventisits and also the Great Disappointment is awesome. You have presented that very well in the past. I think it's especially timely with the nu-light about the identity of the FDS. If CTR wasn't one, then whe the H*** did he get his info? From Newton or the Socineans?! Oh, they were not the FDS either!

    Dubs need help to think it through. The whole WTBTS is built on a false premise. All YOU have to do is prove that it is false in an uncomplicated way.

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