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  • Phizzy

    Immediately I left I became much much happier, it was at an almost euphoric level.

    I finally was able, for the first time in my life, to really be me.

    When I finally freed myself of any vestige of "belief", in anything, the happiness notched up even more, I could actually enjoy and appreciate each moment of life.

    When you look back you realise what a thoroughly miserable religion the WT/JW set-up is.

    I think all JW's suffer from depression to some degree, but do not realise it, when you are free of the cult, you realise how rough you felt when in it.

  • DeWandelaar

    I am happy I left but I am not happy with my life... One of the reasons is the fact that the rest is in... So I am actually "standing still"

  • HarryMac

    Driving up to the Kingdom Hall on Saturday morning to go in service with people that were so much more difficult than the people I worked with made me miserable. Actually, I often felt miserable when pulling into the parking lot of meetings, period.

    The comments you heard definately fall into the 'You need to believe that, don't you?' category.

  • MissConfused

    Fading with in the organization, i realized there is so much more to life, other then the pretentious stuff that you are bound when being a JW. Now i have friends who like me as a person and not because i follow what they follow. I started going to gym instead of meetings and fs, feel happy and MORE relaxed with peace of mind and body. We have less fights at home :) [when we were active, it was always convincing my hubby to conduct family worships / come to field service with me - as every one used to ask for him, Prepare and go ON-TIME to all meetings, the peer pressure of answering or do assignments]. As some one here mentioned, its a great feeling to breakfree.. Life has challenges sometimes, but now you have a practical mind and practical people around you to get a way!

  • Nosferatu

    Being out of the truth, I can tell you I'm very unhappy with my life. I have lots of worldly friends who are loyal, good-hearted and trustworthy. I want to get back into the truth where I can again be ignored, judged and backstabbed so I can be happy again.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Sorry if this breaks the "mood" of this thread, but I have to admit that I'm experiencing a lot of unhappiness right now.

    I'm unhappy that "someone" lied to me these past 50+ years.

    I'm unhappy that I was so damn guillible to believe all the damn lies.

    I'm unhappy that most of my life is in the past and there is likely not enough good years left to turn my/our future around significantly at this point.

    I'm unhappy that most of my/our friends of many, many years are all AWOL suddenly (unless they need something from us). They don't shun us publicly or anything like that since we are not DFd/DAd but there are no phone calls, invites, drop bys, etc. even though we do not display pagan lights, we do not sacrifice animals, we have not taken up smoking or use of illegal drugs, and God forbid, I have not [gasp] grown a beard nor gotten a [horror] tattoo!

    But happily, drinking helps!

    Cheers! Especially to those of you who have been able (or are able to pursue) getting a good education, building a well-paying career (hopefully doing something you enjoy), and enjoy life without the constant struggle of mundane existence.


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