R&F JWs Eager for Dateline?!

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    23,000 elders have resigned in the USA in the last three years. The hemorage continues.

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    >>messenger: 23,000 elders have resigned in the USA in the last three years. The hemorage continues.<<

    Hi Messenger,

    Quite a number, huh?

    >>new boy The last K hall I was in every elder with teenage kids or young adults, had at least one kid DFed! The kids Just are not buying the same old bull shit.<<

    New Boy, Since my last meeting in Spring of '99, I stopped to think back on what you said here------and you are right on target!!!



    Shredded families and ruined lives;
    The WBTS has MUCH to answer for......



  • Seeker4

    The comments about decreasing MSs and elders is interesting. In my old Hall, over the last ten years we lost the two best elders we had, and have added two or so, but not such effective guys. And I think the number of MS has gone down and is less than the number of elders.

    Of those who stepped down, three of us have left because we no longer believe. I also think that in the few other congregations that I keep up with, the elders outnumber the MS. Not the situation we had back in the 80's. Of course, "the end" was so much nearer then.


  • Billygoat

    I have two brothers that are 20. They both still live at home, go to college full-time and one is a pioneer. The other is still putting in hours, but is on restrictions (can't be on pioneering list) for either a private or public reproof. (I don't know which - mom won't talk about it.)

    I really hope that what y'all say is true about this next generation. I want so badly for my baby brothers to get out in the world and experience life. I know there is a part of them that just feels squelched and suppressed. I just remember feeling so smothered when I was at home! I dream about someday hearing from them. Hearing their voices on the phone asking to talk to me about their beliefs...*sigh* I need to quit fantasizing about this.


  • jst2laws

    aaahh Andi,

    That is sad. Be as good as you can and hang on. The only thing for certain is change. Hopefully, it will be for the better.


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