How long will it take to be reinstated?

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  • Joyzabel


    Emphasize a relationship with God!

    Then Galatians will help her see that she is free from "works".
    My fav is Galatians 5:1.


  • blindfool

    From the Good News Bible, Galatians 5:1
    Freedom is what we have-Christ has set us free!
    Stand, then, as free people, and do not allow yourselves to become slaves again.

    I think I'll tape that to the refrigerator tonight!

    Kinda looses some of the meaning in the NWT:

    "For such freedom Christ set us free. Therefore standfast, and do not let yourselves be confined again in a yoke of slavery."

  • messenger

    The standard is one year. There have been some cases where committees have moved for reinstatement earlier, if they do they will receive a reprimand from home office telling them to never do that again. After reinstatement then come the restrictions which also will last around a year to get them all back. Basically it is a two year process. Your friend can appeal, but understand it is basically a rubber stamp process of decision of the original committee. 98% of appeals go along with the original decision. Unless she has a very good friend on the appeal committee then she is toast.
    Regarding the monthly appeal for reinstatment she might want to rethink do that. The Committee is not going to do anything for a year, if you irritate them by submitting letters you might prolong the process. Elders were instructed at the 98 school to not convene a meeting at every appeal for reinstatement. To submit a letter and be ignored could make things more difficult. I would suggest her talking to the chairman of the committee and asking him the best way to approach reinstatement. Whatever he says follow the instructions implicitly. Check in with him on a regular basis and ask him how you are doing. Ask him when you should submit your plea as you wish to do so as quickly as possible. Follow his instructions and that will be the quickest path to getting back in. If it happens he is a hard ass and after one year she is not reinstated, then she should approach the CO with the problem and ask him what she should do to get back in as a way to get the ball moving.

    If you want to get back in you have to play by their rules. Working with the chairman of the committee or whoever on the committee was the most helpful will get you back in the quickest. Having an attitude and asking for matters on your terms will only prolong the process.

  • amccullough
    The standard is one year. There have been some cases where committees have moved for reinstatement earlier, if they do they will receive a reprimand from home office telling them to never do that again.

    I know numerous people who were reinstated in less than a year.

  • borgfree

    Hi Blindfool,

    Or, how about the WTs purple KI version;

    "To the freedom us Christ made free; be you standing therefore and not again to yoke of slavery be you having selves in."


    "We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home." Edward R. Murrow
  • happy man
    happy man

    Well then i gone to tell you a terrifing story.
    My oldest boy was Dfd, for lieng. despite he never leing to the commite, well they say he lei to mee, but they never ask me.
    And then he was dfd for almost 2 year, and hE was going on evry meting i think the most lojal member in the cong that whay, he try to gett back 8 times, alwAYs NO, no explanation.
    all this beaucause some CC think he was some sort of leader to youg peopel, wasnt truth.
    despite of all thIs things i think it took almost 4 year for him to get back inn good standard, but now he is JW again, think never i hade taken all this mess.
    Inn sweden it was a time a few year ago when i was elder, we have a meting ther they say we must BEE much more tuff,we have been to soft, and take peopel back to early, so i dont think 1 year is inaff, 2 year is not so unusal here in this country, Jehova has a lot to lOok at when the judgment day is here, perhaps this who think they are first, be last, and these who think they are last be first, even a chanse fore you amazing i think.
    in this time not so

  • LDH

    LOL. It only took me four months.

    Esp after my Dad went postal on the Elders who saw fit to ask me things like "What color was he?" " Did he put his fingers in you?"


    Nothing about repentence and forgiveness. Nope, I was TOLD that I had to be made an example of.

    The committee had some harsh words from the CO whcih went something like, "Well since you DID df her she should have stayed out for a year minimum."

    What a joke.


  • Joyzabel

    Just a thought:

    Didn't Jesus talk to the woman at the well and she men! He didn't ask the questions these bozos ask today. He was kind to her.

    What did your neice do that deserves such "special" treatment???
    or anyone else today?

    Just food for thought


  • SYN

    LDH: URGH! Unbelievable stuff, eh! ((((LISA)))))

    Happy Man: You see stuff like this happening, and yet you insist this is a Godly organization? You're a Sad Man, not a Happy Man.

    Seven006: "Have you tried drugs? Shooting up a little heroin might do the trick, it's hard to type when your stoned out of your mind. I don't know how TR does it!"

  • Hyghlandyr

    My dad molested my sister was out, yup yall know, six long months. Must have been hell for him the poor bastard.

    If she wants to get back in, the best advice was from messenger. Play the game, tow the party line. Cry a lot. Ask the commitee what you should do. Often attending meetings is not enough. Some have been refused because they were singing and this was seen as haughty. Others have been refused for not singing, since their non-participation was viewed as lack of repentance. The only way to win is ask specific questions. Say things like, I want to sing and praise Jehovah at the meetings, but I don't feel I am worthy to do so. Cry a lot.

    I was damned lucky(un) that I was not dfed. But I was friends with all of the elders. Too I was a man. Pity be if I had been a woman.

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