I am amused by my new Job offer

by recovering 14 Replies latest social humour

  • talesin

    That is great news! Sometimes companies will ask you to write a job description, because they are looking to see you show how innovative/creative you are. Having worked in a personnel agency, I've seen it before. Especially at an executive level - they are not looking for a drone! Also, you may include duties that they would not have thought of, so they get more 'bang for their buck'.


  • exwhyzee
    I think posting the letter was recovering's way of letting us know he's 'doing very well thank you.'

    Yea...the email wasn't that hard to figure out, especially for a Dr. but it was a way to let everyone know what his/her salary will be without coming across as bragging. Can't blame him though....sounds like he/she is "recovering" well.

  • Heartofaboy

    I wouldn't want others to know how lucrative my salary is.

    Just not done dear chap.

  • recovering

    Actually folks the salary I took is much less than the average urologist makes. I was making a point regarding writing my own Job description. Why am I accepting so much less than the average physician in my specialty? It is very simple. I will no longer be putting in the long hours that I used to. This is desired due to my age and health not being optimal. In case you where wondering the average physician with my training and credentials earns $243,000 per year. That is 72000.00 more per year than I will earn. As far as letting everyone know what my salary is , it was in the email that I cut and pasted. All emails from this company include previous correspondence. The thought about letting others know how much I was being compensated did not even cross my mind (especially since I was taking a significant pay cut. This is not something one tends to brag about)

  • besty

    I would have suggested 3 months minimum notice period as well, with full pay for that period if they fire you or make you redundant or otherwise let you go for anything other than gross misconduct.

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