When "The Persecution" Comes - What a Let Down that turned out to be!

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  • fulltimestudent

    But doesn't that remark apply to most of modern day Christians.

    Neither should we forget that this persecution-complex is part and parcel of the whole Christian story - commencing with the 'neccessary' persecution of the Christ.

  • Mum

    In fact, there is more tolerance than ever now for people who have strange beliefs. I know that may not be true in all parts of the world, but it certainly is true in the U.S. JW kids can't be taunted or tormented by teachers and bullies without consequences to the taunters/tormentors.

    I'm very happy that we were "let down" on this craziness!

  • JakeM2012

    I was raised in this time period and remember the 1974 yearbook discussing the persecution. My dad told me about some of it, particularly some of the brothers having their testicles smashed with bricks, the rapes, the making of people sit on chairs with nails. Dad said he did not want me reading it because I was so young, ....too late, too much was said for me not to have ill feelings about our ficticious "enemy".

    The persecution was frequently referred to at the meetings and discussed in small groups. I too remember that it was brought up to pray silently about persecution because Satan could be listening in, or the encouraging of "putting up with one another in the congregation" because you might be imprisoned with the brother or sister that you dislike.

    I think it interesting that for me my persecution has come from my family that is active in the "truth" as Jehovah's Witnesses. They certainly have learned how to be hateful. I might as well be in a concentration camp.

  • cassuk11

    The Great tribulation was talking about before the destruction of jerusalem in 70ad and as jesus told his followers in that generation it would never be repeated. see my youtubechannel seekchristonly

  • Refriedtruth

    A Watchtower president Freddy Franz rant:

    "Speak the word of God with all boldness"
    Jehovah God will "put hooks in their Jaws" and they will then take the bait and go after Jehovah's Witnesses.
    If I heard/read it once I heard/read it dozens of times the Watchtower apocalyptic time line goes as follows:
    At a glance~
    A. cry of peace & security achieved by secular,commercial,political powers.

    B.'peace & security' disrupted by petty religious squabbles

    C. the secular,political,military powers are provoked that their peace initiative is being ruined by pain in the ass religion. They through "radical militant elements of the UN" {wts quote} GO ON A BALLISTIC RAMPAGE and outlaw all religion yes the Watchtower say's that UN shock troops will come into our towns and burn every place of worship to the ground.They will 'hang high" and slaughter every clergy person.

    D. after this orgasm of destruction the UN 'shock troops' instigated by Satan will then be outwitted by Jehovah and Jehovah God will "put hooks in their Jaws" and they will then take the bait and go after Jehovah's Witnesses encamped in their palatial tents. They will attack this insignificant minority as these bold kingdom proclaimers WILL STILL BE PREACHING the MESSAGE OF DOOM that the 'door to ark' has closed and you are all going to die! The entire World is now ready to exterminate Jehovah's Witness the one true religion.

    Armageddon comes and all opposers to the Watchtower corporate leadership die.
    Will U preach it are U courageous enough to give the warning message

  • compound complex
  • 3rdgen

    Oh the memories these "persecution" stories produce. Like most of you I was exposed to the sadistic details of the dreaded persecution as a young child. I just can't find any humor in it because it was yet another form of child abuse to be endured or risk being disowned by our parents. I don't think some appreciate the effect these terrifying accounts have on children. Talk about paranoia! You can't trust ANYONE. You can't express fear- without a lecture on your lack of faith. You can't trust the brothers,-they might be tortured and give you up. You can't rely on your parents protection- they might be hauled off to jail or a concentration camp. You can't even trust YOURSELF because you might compromise your faith if the excruciating pain becomes too intense. You can't even trust God because if you waver he'll leave you like the others who ended up "failing the test".= Dead Cofty, this is a great subject because it highlights the anxiety growing up JW produced. No, I was never "let down" by not being physically tortured. But I SURE am trying to recover from the emotional effects.

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    Holy Crap! What is wrong with people.

    Think man!! Use your friggin' Brain. God Gave it to you!!!

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