When "The Persecution" Comes - What a Let Down that turned out to be!

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  • fulltimestudent

    Ah! what wonderfull bullshit Christianity exposed us to. The number of actual martyrs in the early church is now thought to have been quite small. But it left a tradition within this religious philosophy beyond all reason. And funny enough, the number of 'compromisers' in the early church was quite high and led to large splits in the early church between those who wanted to forgive the compromisers and those who wanted to disfellowship them forever. Even Bishops found urgent business away from their homes and disappeared into the wide blue yonder and could not be found until they thought it was safe to return without danger.

    And yet, on this flimsy foundation, our former loving brothers and sisters, could scare the living daylights out of us all. A bayside congregation in Melbourne put on a special SM, to "prepare" the congregation for the coming ( for certain) persecution.

    The proper program starts in the usual tiresome way. Then there's a banging on the door. A servant gets up to check, and a voice booms, whose in charge here? The servant lackey comes and whispers to the Congregation servant (CS)*who goes to the door and goes outside with the "voice". The boring program is proceeding. The CS comes back into the hall and whispers to the ACS and the BSS and they go into a whispering huddle at the back of the hall. By now everyone's wondering what's up! Necks are craning! The committee disappears outside, and re-appear after a few minutes.

    The CS walks to the platform and apologises to the brother speaking (by now, no-one's listening, anyway) and says to the congregation. "Please, listen carefully. The police are outside waiting with buses. The government has banned our organisation and we are all under arrest, and will be taken by bus to temporary camps. Will the group study conductors please come to the front? We have arranged with the police for you to stay together in your group. Study conductors, please care for your group carefully and try to stay in touch with the committee in future days. Now, Study conductors get your groups together and starting with XXX group proceed outside.

    At which point, the deception was revealed. I don't know how many people had, by this time, pissed themselves or worse, but according to my friend who was in that congregation it was realistic.

    Years later, the genius behind the masquerade was at it again, by now a CS (Circuit snake) he had a mock cell on the platform with a few imprisoned brothers awaiting execution. A beautiful blonde is placed in the cell, supposedly to tempt the brothers into compromise and freedom. The usual testing questions were then put to the audience. I recall it clearly, as afterward in a group conversation, one young brother supposedly awaiting execution, said: "If this had been real, I think I would've had a go at the blonde, and died happy."

    I guess by now he is also an ex-jw.

    * its pre-elder arrangement.

  • Laika
    were told not to talk about our personal fears because the demons could hear and use it against us in "The Persecution".

    I remember hearing this about the demons! Also being told not to pray out loud when we are really struggling with something so the demons don't know, which in hindsight I think is incredibly unhealthy. However, it was something I heard a lot when I was young but not so much recently...

    When I looked it up in the Watchtower library I couldn't find an article on it. Was this something the Society actually teaches or did individual JWs come up with it?

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    There must be an article in the awake or watctower teaching this nonsense I heard the exact same things when I was a kid.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Cofty, The persecution began when you started believing that the WTBTS didn't have the "Truth" and increased when you left

    By the way how are you feeling and doing medically. I hope better. I also hope that your relationships with your JW family members are improving.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,



    Nothing fools powerful spirit creatures like the ol' " reversible jacket " trick..... LOL!!!

    I am a born-in, and I have NEVER been persecuted. Having no one know what you believe and thinking you are weird, and telling you that, is NOT persecution.

  • *lost*

    excellent topic cofty. my heart goes out to you, and everyone else who endured this b*t lying cult.

    What a very poignant reminder of how absurd it all is, and yet, so very real, and very sad. The awful deeds done throught history.

    Just like the RCC, people will still stay bound to it.

    hope your health is going ok, and your parents.

  • Sapphy

    I also remember being taught that they might beat you until you passed out but "only the first blow would hurt".

    What a disgusting image to put in a child's mind!

  • Hortensia

    It makes me laugh now when I think about it. Everyone seemed so interested in the gruesome possibilities, a little bit crazy and superstitious. I remember a woman saying, "Oh god I hope my torture isn't rats. I hate rats!" As if there was a special torture planned for each person. JWs aren't that important.

    Thanks for the funny memory, cofty.

  • LisaRose

    My daughter was eight or so when the yearbook came out with all of the stories came out about the JWs who were put in concentration camps during the holocaust. She was obsessed with it and worried constantly that it was going to happen to her. I had a hard job convincing her otherwise, since they talked about it at the Kingdom Hall. Little kids do not need to worry about things like this, it's not healthy or appropriate, but of course the people in Brooklyn don't really know very much about children (Sparlock!), and what is or is not good for children to be exposed to. And it's counter productive, since they have heard it so much, by the time they get older they have figured out its all ridiculous.

  • SafeAtHome

    Goodness, I have been out for almost 30 years and I still remember the demo with the reversible jacket and false beard. And the admonition to never, ever miss the Tuesday night book study because that's where we would most likely receive life saving instructions. Didn't i find out from here that the book study is no more? Where do we go for the reversible jackets now? LOL

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