Isn`t it ludicrous women can be king/queen preists in heaven and rule with jesus in heaven,yet be silent and submissive to males in the congrgations ?

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  • T D Joseph
    T D Joseph

    Dear BobFlanagan007

    Before you declare, there is no God, it will be interesting to see this site written by a scientist, A.CRESSY MORRISON,

    Former President of the New York Academy of Science

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Joel 2:28 says that women will prophesy, and already women were prophesying in the Corinthian congregation. (Act 2:17, 18). They were standing up, in the middle of the congregation, and literally channeling God's words.

    So who was correct?

    God, who expressly poured out his spirit upon these women to enable them to speak, or Paul, who later re-imposed the old Rabbinical law and told them to shut up?

  • designs

    Interesting that the new Pope, Francis I, spoke over the weekend in Brazil that the gay Priests will get a pass if they are dedicated to Jesus....women didn't fair so well- no priesthood for them, back to the mop and bucket brigade.

  • rocketman

    I will say that in my jw experience, the women were generally more judgmental than the men were. While I do think that women deserve some ecclesiastical privilages and would do well therein, I noticed among jw women an especially harsh and narrow viewpoint when it came to scripture application and personal relationships.

  • Jim_TX

    Personally, I think this is why that most of the supposed 'annointed' that I knew when growing up as a JW were females. I rarely met, or saw, or heard of, a male 'annointed'.

    I believe that women in the JW organization may have felt that this was the only way that they would get any 'power' in that religion.

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