Isn`t it ludicrous women can be king/queen preists in heaven and rule with jesus in heaven,yet be silent and submissive to males in the congrgations ?

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  • smiddy

    Is this just another example of the bible being inconsistent/contradictory ? or is it screwed up WT.theology.

    What`s your thoughts


  • msconcerned

    Acts 21:8, 9 - The next day we set out and arrived in Caes·a·re′a, + and we entered into the house of Philip the evangelizer, * who was one of the seven men, + and we stayed with him. 9 This man had four daughters, virgins, that prophesied.

    It seems funny that women cant even do a bible reading from the platform.

  • smiddy

    Good point msconcerned this scripture obviously sanctions these four virgins prophecying ,no rebuttall ,no condemnation ,and of course being in scripture for all to see has jehovah and Jesus blessing on their participation in religious dissememination.


  • prologos

    Sister Doubtfire could.


    Yeah, I'd much rather confess my sins of fornication to 3 sisters in a back room late one night. Who knows what might happen

  • Terry

    Smiddy, this is not only an excellent question but it is an important one, too. I congratulate you on the insight.

    The domination of women in religion (especially fundamentalists) is only possible because the victims have been disconnected

    culturally from their own human right to dignity and equality.

    If Jehovah's Witness women all refused to sit in the back of the bus one day the death knell for the stupid, knuckle-dragging denomination

    would be sounded!

    The last bastion of power for religious bigots is the subjection of women at their own agreement because an invisible male deity has blamed

    the entire gender for a non-historic female completely deceived by a talking serpent!

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Very good question...

    A typical JW answer to this question will be something like:

    "Heavenly creatures don't have vaginas or penises."

    So, when annointed women go to heaven, their vaginas will be sewed up. Likewise, males will have their penises cut off... ouch (it hurts just thinking about it)...

    Anyways, they will always weasle their way out of questions like this...


    This is one teaching that I agree with. Women's brains are actually smaller than men's brains. This has been scientifically proven. They also have PMS, and should not be making doctrinal decisions. Can you imagine women on a BOE?! Madness!! Think of all the instances where emotion would cloud the issues. Johnny Teenager wouldn't get appointed even though he gets 10hrs a month, because he is disrespectful to his mother and women in general. Sister Battered may not get DF'd for getting a divorce and getting married again. The local KH may be decorated completely differently from any other KH and that could effect the unity of the Organization! Brother Touch-n-stuff may get not get appointed as an Elder, even though his sin of molestation occured years in the past and he has evidence of Jehovah's blessing in his life!

    Please, think this through before you post your comments!

  • Kojack57

    Data-Dog: That's why women go to heaven, so they can keep men in check. I would rather have a woman ruling with men because she would at least have compassion.

  • designs

    If they weren't virgins they couldn't prophecy?

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