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  • Miss.Fit

    We have to be competing when we comment at the meeting, or go home to a beating....

    We're the Elder's family.

    We were taught how to lie, to give him an alibi, make sure no one sees us cry......

    We're the Elder's family.

    No one else will ever know, no dispair or fear must show, where else would we go....

    We're the Elder's family.

    Instead of showing shame...the devil he will blame...We must protect Jehovah's name..

    We're the ExElder's family.

    Don't peer into the past , despair creeps in too fast.. hope this pain doesn't last

    For the ExElders Ex family

  • Terry

    Excellent, excellent--more More MORE!

  • Comatose

    Slowly waking from my long sleep, I don't know where I am when I take a peek

    Nothing looks familiar, I'm tired and weak, throat so dry I can hardly speak

    I feel panick settling in as I try to move my legs and I raise my chin

    I see bare walls and a sterile white sheet, slowly I sit up and I wiggle my feet

    IV in my arm and a beeping machine, on the beds railing I begin to lean

    I swing my feet to the floor taking a step before crashing to the ground beside the bed in which I slept

    Voices of alarm and feet are heard running, the door swings open and nurses are shouting

    I look from face to face trying to talk, my body so skinny I couldn't even walk

    Where am I, what happened, why am I here - taking my hand she says listen to me dear

    No one thought you'd wake up, no one thought you'd return...

    For years I've been comatose I'm startled to learn

  • Miss.Fit

    These are great. Hope to see more.


  • exwhyzee

    I was born to this world not a moment too soon, for paradise was near, I'd be spared comming doom.

    They said I was a sinner, was born weak and bad, even though I was only, a wee little lad.

    I wasn't a liar, I did no one harm, but I always felt lacking, others twisting my arm.

    My Father too listened, thought it kinda' made sense, they said God would soon kill him, cause' he sat on the fence.

    I tossed and I turned at night in my bed, with fear of tribulation and torture and dread.

    I wanted to live and make this God glad, but how could I love the one, who would kill my own Dad?

    I grew up so worried, the sparkle of youth was rubbed off, they taught me to judge they taught me to scoff.

    But as I grew older I learned to be true, to that little boys voice cause' somehow he knew,

    one day I'd discover, what I'd known all along, the things they had taught me as truth, were quite wrong.

    At first I was angry, sort of lost and afraid, cause' where would I go, if from them I strayed?

    Their backs they have turned now, though I've done nothing wrong, I've discovered first hand what it means to be strong.

    I'm learnng new skills and I finally do see, that it's never too late to set your mind free.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Beautiful, moving and wonderful, you all!

  • talesin

    An innocent child,

    Born as a tool.

    Escaped your cruel bonds,

    I'm nobody's fool.

    While searching for truth,

    The healing began.

    Life's journey I'll make,

    The best way I can.

  • Quarterback

    In 1954

    My mother answered that knock on the door

    They told her not to fear Hell fire, no more.

    My mom was told that she could ask the clergy any question

    That she did, but, the clergy, just told her she was heading towards, damnation.

    Now, years have past, and questions of my own have surfaced

    We are not to question ourselves

    Just trust those books on our shelves

    Well, poetry wasn't my strong assets.

  • Hortensia

    I grew up, fucked up,

    Cleaned up, then I settled down

    to a peaceful life

    Hahahaha, haiku, poetry boy

    thanks for the idea

  • talesin

    QB, just change all the IC's to lower case,, it could be ee cummings. :))

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