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  • Terry


    Forever began at the day of my birth, but, it turns out that it was a lie,

    I am who I am when nobody's watching, then nothing is there to deny.

    As it turns out, the feelings are easy but happiness lives on the hill

    I climb in the rain so they can't see me crying then nothing is there to explain.

    I'm often seduced by my own self-rejection; my past is what I failed to be,

    My friends are the gift that I give to my heartache, the fruit of the child I set free.

    Only at night with my head on the pillow the garden of rest blooms inside,

    Conscience is only the orphan moon singing, tomorrow the stranger beside.

    Why should I speak there are no ears to listen? Why then confess to my crime?

    I wasted the moments I could have done better, my hourglass emptied of time.

    So what am I now-you face in the mirror? Every line penalty's cost

    The price of a soul is in loving unwisely, it's better to love and have lost.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I've been in and i've been out

    i've had faith and i've had doubt

    taking baited lies like some kinda trout.

    i've been treated like a skank

    my reputation stank, i'm a crazy old crank

    because i climbed out

    of the mind-control tank.

  • fresh prince of ohio
    fresh prince of ohio

    damn, sorry...

    it's been a long time

    called but got no response

    made a real mess of it

    it was my only shot

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    This is fun - hope a lot more get posted!

  • Simon

    Ok, haven't written much poetry for quite a while ... this is a little Dylan-esque:

    Stand up, sit down, speak up, quiet down, say this, think that, read your bible, don't frown
    Be good, be-lieve, gonna-die if you leave, shun him, every-one, armageddon's gonna come!
    Because you'll see there's no point schoolin' - bible says so, god ain't foolin'
    "Any day" like grandma said, "We'll never die" (but now she's dead)
    But I grew up and now I'm walkin', don't care threats of "no more talkin' !"
    What mother says that to her son? So fuck this life and fuck you 'mum'!
    Wind of freedom feels so nice, now have a family with my wife
    I want my kids to grow up true without the darkness that I knew
    But realise we have few friends - the cult controls all in the end
    So move away and make a home, try not to feel all alone
    The years roll by the children grow, I teach them all the things I know
    Now happy what the future holds, even as I'm getting old

  • Terry

    You guys are just oozing talent. Get a bandage on it immediately!

  • Mum

    Mom was 16, Dad was narcissistic

    Grandma and grandpa took me in,

    I was handicapped, they altruistic,

    Went to Holiness church to fight sin.

    Was withdrawn, had a charming sister,

    Who was lively, and baby brother so cute,

    But I was the lucky one, I'm tellin' ya, mister,

    "Cause I did'nt live with a brute.

    Dad's boss was a dub and persuaded me,

    Kept at it for 17 years, 'til I was 32,

    Got mentally ill, knew I must be free,

    Left my elder husband, got a degree! Wouldn't you?

  • stillin

    Never liked what power did

    leaned more for what a flower did

    wished there were more that felt like me

    fell for a thing called Christianity

    took too long for me to find

    the pecking order is what's on people's mind

    found that when they call me "brother,"

    it's really a way for them to smother

    now I see the flower's still there

    I can take I, I can give it...anywhere!

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    I are what I is,

    I is what I am.

    I ain't what I'm not,

    A cow don't make ham.


  • SafeAtHome

    Really? Only 12 or less? Here goes:

    Normal kid, had it all

    Birthdays, Christmas, what a ball.

    Ten years old, all that changed

    Mom & dad became deranged.

    Sucked into borg, my oh my

    Hook, line, sinker - bought the lie.

    At 34, first hubby left

    Oh so sad, felt bereft.

    But found my wings, brain cells awoke,

    To me Watchtower no longer spoke.

    Never looking back, love the new me

    Sum it all up with I'm Free! I'm Free!

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