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  • moley

    Does anyone ever suffer from the teachings of the WBTS still. Altough i have been out for over 12 yrs they still sometimes manage to rear their ugly head. Sometimes a news story will make you think sign of the times, and then all those old feelings come flooding back. Altough i just tend to put them to the back of my mind and go and do something incredibly unscriptual lol. But unfortunately its always there, I hate this org with all my being.

  • cantleave

    You might need a bit of professional counselling!

  • moley

    You might need a bit of professional counselling.

    Been there done that. I think i have put my point across wrong, what i am tryin to say is that you are so ingrained, (im my case from birth) that its hard to shake of the shackles. I dont sit in a dark room quivering, i live and enjoy my life how i want to and enjoy the freedom. Its just that in dark times they can resurface.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Well, even though you've done counseling, I would recommend counseling with someone who treats PTSD. The inappropriate-guilt-rearing-it's-ugly-head thing seems like a sign of post traumatic stress, IMHO. I know where you're coming from.

  • zound

    I experienced that but it passed for the most part - time helps. Or maybe you haven't read enough to debunk everything - that takes alot. I thought I'd seen all the 'apostate' issues, but then found a buttload more that helped to further clear out any lingering mind control.

    Occasionally when I'm in a scary moment I sometimes get a sudden urge to pray (I'm an athiest) - but that's more God in general than Watchtower. Old habits take a while to work out of your system.

  • clarity

    Holy Moly ...oh sorry just couldn't resist! haha.


    Hey nice to see you on here Moley.

    You may have these thoughts from from time to time,

    but you get to choose to dwell or just let them float on by.


    Also you could tear right into those thoughts and PROVE that they

    are wrong .........dig a little further.


  • moley

    I dont dwell on them and know that its all a load crap. The mind and especially mine can play tricks on you. Being bi-polar doesnt help.

  • Phizzy

    I agree wholeheartedly with Clarity, whose name, judging by her posts, is most appropriate, a clear-thinking person !

    You obviously have not as yet Moley, thrown off all the shackles of belief. I too was aborn-in, and in for goddamn near six decades !

    And yet not one vestige of JW thought or fear remains. Why ? Because I spent much time proving to myself that everything the WT teaches is pure bunkum.

    Once you thoroughly prove to yourself, by research, there is no Santa Clause, no Devil, no Armageddon and not one Bible prophecy, the fear and flash-backs go.

  • cantleave

    Education is the answer. I too was born in and stayed in until I was 42.

    I found the more I learned about science and history the more I realised that all religion is bollox, the bible is myths and fairy tales and god is a human construct. Once you have come to those conclusions you have nothing to feel guilty about!

  • flipper

    MOLEY- Cantleave is very correct in his take : " education is the answer ". In order to lose uneeded guilt you HAVE to educate yourself, read, and inform yourself about the tactics and manipulative schemes that the WT Society used on us while we were Jehoavah's Witnesses in order to get rid of these negative feelings. Otherwise the " garbage in, garbage out " rule applies and we still retain WT garbage in our brains unless we replace it with positive information to help us move forward and lose not only GUILT feelings, but lose the FEAR as well.

    3 books really helped me in the years after I exited the Witnesses written by Steve Hassan. 1. Combatting Cult mind Control 2. Releasing the bonds - Empowering People to Think for Themselves 3. Freedom of Mind - Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults and Beliefs.

    I can't even express to you how much reading these books helped me to LOSE the guilt and fear that the Witness organization put into me. After 10 years out of the Witnesses I now have high self esteem, don't feel ANY guilt over anything or any fear over anything. The big bad dream that the WT Society put into us is NOT true, not real. These books helped me to GT real, and put lots of real into my reality. I think it would really help you as well. Take care, just keep reading and informing yourself- it's what you need to do- seriously. Peace out, mr. Flipper

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