13 bloodlines of the illuminati

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    They wouldn't have to if they are walking about in white hats!

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    Yes, I had gone to bed, but you got it OC --- beginning with the economic uniting of New England and Eastern Canada.


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    Hey, Cofty ... you have already stated your opinion.

    Now why don't you STOP DISRUPTING THIS THREAD and go amuse yourself elsewhere. Perhaps you could watch some Monty Python or something, instead of being vile and disruptive.

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    I'm sorry I thought this was a dicussion forum where opposing views stated respectfully were welcome.

    This is 4 or 5 times you have made unprovoked personal attacks on me Talesin. Stop it.

    If you want to rant do it by PM. That way I still get a laugh and you get to vent but you don't make yourself look bad in public.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    This post may be unwelcome. I do fit in some of the definitions listed for Illuminati. Also, I know some Bildenbergers from school and work. Grow up and read reliable books. If I read the junk you love, I might believe in spooks, too. Is there an elite? Yes, but it is fluid. Perhaps in the MIddle Ages it was not fluid. It is today. My generation was the one to truly break down the walls. John Lennon's famous theme was that people do not have seixe power. We were born with power and must use it now.

    I am not listing the people I knew, dated, and worked with and what they were like. Skull and Bones is the funniest one of them all. Anyone on this forum who could graduate from a decent college, apply themselves, and learn some social skills can also have the power you crave. The consequences of conspiracy and ultra elite beliefs are very dangerous. You give up on change. Some of you believe you know how to bring change. The recent split on this forum was living proof that you do not. Yet there are a multitude of the books for the people written by experienced people that describe how to get power that are very readable and pragmatic. Saul Alinsky is one such author. Any biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi would work.

    Reading the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, New Yorker, the Economist, the Guardian, the London Times, the Financial Times on a regular basis certainly helps. You do not need to believe the contents. This is how the elites send signals. Politico on the web is a great source for free. Living in a major city helps.

    I learned so much from observation. They are not titans from above. Since the sixties, most top leaders may have started in ghettos or ethnic enclaves the way I did. The creme de la creme of corporate lawyers roll their eyes in private and dedicate their nonbillable hours to doing real change for a multitude of public interest groups. This has been happening for many generations. When I visited Occupy Now and spoke with leaders before writing a check, they knew to talk to the local executives so people could be sheltered if the police attacked. I would shelter demonstrators. My friends would shelter.

    Times change. It always boils down to elementary school civics for me and for so many others. When I travel, Europeans tend to know how their country works both formally and informally. They are sophisticated. The majority of Americans are a national disgrace. They know nothing so why should they know how to get power. Fundamentally, it is this horrible attitude that I must not learn the basics. No, let me jump into science fiction. Well,fiction gets you NOTHING. Corporations are not evil. It is a legal concept. They do good and they do bad. Hating all corporations and blaming them is ridiculous. The solution is simple. Ditch capitalism once and for all or learn how corporations truly work.

    Many times in life I had to change my world-view and learn new things. Often I did not like the new things. Tough luck. Doses of reality help everyone. The problems we face are massive. America desperately needs brave and courageous regular people who know about power. Fear of ghosts does not give you power.

    Granted, the news stations are not what they once were. Read a decent book. Glance at a respectable paper. Go to the library and read one article in an international magazine, written in English. Grow up. My life depends on your actions. There are many people in power who sneaked out to visit and report back about Occupy Now in favorable terms. We need John Lennon. Take power. Don't read garbage.

    Where do you think the funding for the Democratic party comes from? A bunch of college students? Who funds civil rights groups? What government funds the arts on any scale here. Look how the govt funds European arts.

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    Good post BOTR.

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    very good post band. can you ad any more info to it.

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