13 bloodlines of the illuminati

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  • *lost*

    excellent thread, I agree totally.

    It's about time people woke to reality and the facts.

    They may not agree or like what is being said, but they should research it 'all'.

    Hitler heavily involved in the occult ? It seems that he was.

    Aryanism. Atlantis. Aquarius, Satanism, religions, their all connected. Just run through the culture and history of the Kings and Queens of England and the politics that went on. the peasants sure were not privvy to what was going on in the higher echelons of power. society has changed a lot, but politics and the elite haven't. The same 'handful' of powerful, super-rich elitist family 'trees' are still running the show, and always will. They have the power and control. We are merely pieces in a global game of chess.

    Why would anyone 'not' want us to discuss these things ?

    Reading a very interesting book at the moment. Hidden dangers of the Rainbow, tells a lot about these things.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    You ever look into Contract Law and the UCC?

    Can't say that I have truthhurts13

    One of the topics is "Atlantica", which you would most likely find of great interest.

    Really? Which particular one? I'm guessing it's not the snail they are talking about...

    Atlantica, an ancient continent Atlantica (gastropod), genus of land snails in the family Discidae Atlantica-1, a submarine telecommunications cable system linking the USA, Bermuda, Venezuela and Brazil

  • ohiocowboy

    Still thinking, regarding "Atlantica", here's a hint....Instead of just searching for the word "Atlantica", try searching "out of the box" and perhaps try something like "Atlantica new word order" or the like...

    Here's one of the search results when doing that.

    " Atlantica! SuperCorridor! Without Congress, a Borderless Corporate World .... which many see as a plan for a North American Union within a New World Order."

    The internet is full of information, you sometimes just have to look a little deeper to find info. Good luck!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Why thank you ohiocowboy...I shall have a look at that tomorrow. Right now...it's time for some zzzzzz's My brain is fuddled.

    Been to an anti govenment spying meeting tonight. NZ is trying to pass the GCSB bill so they can give Obama all our metadata.

    Protest this Saturday for all that are in NZ...it's going nationwide. Get involved. Don't let them turn us into information collectors for Obamaville.

    WAKE UP NZ!!

  • punkofnice

    Don't ask me. I've only just figured out god may not exist after all.

    I do find conspiracy theories of interest but I regard them with great cynicism. Oft times coincidence plays it's part too. (A bit like evidence that god answers prayers).

    HAARP interests me. Chemtrails interest me.

    I dismiss Project Blue Beam as being too fantastic to hold credibility.

    Apart from that I have no opinions.

    Could the illuminati theories be over bloating the station of the ruling class?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    It's good to by cynical punk. Not everything is true. You have to investigate. A quick look is not going to give you the information required. It takes time and effort. And like ohio pointed out. It often requires looking outside the box. (the commonly accepted belief).

    Pick a topic....and investigate. You begin to see what is rubbish and what makes sense. Explore a topic thoroughly. Take note of where they overlap with other topics of interest. But try not to get too sidetracked. You can come back to that. Focus on what you want to know. And don't drop it until YOU are satisfied with your answer. Whatever it is.

  • skeeter1

    My JW mum believed in the Illumanti since the 1970s. She was told by elders to shut up about it, cuz she was running ahead of the Borg. Listen to John Todd.

  • cofty

    My dad used to go on about the illuminati back in the early 70s but then he joined a cult so I suppose he was inclined to believe BS.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Sarahsmile is correct. We know a 32nd degree Freemason that used to be a JW. So he enlightened us and told us several things...

    The Freemason members do not know of any higher degrees above 33 until you get there yourself. He said that there could be thousands of degrees but it is all very secret with a 'Blood oath". The higher degrees are known as "THE WHITE HATS" because they always wore them. They are also known as the "ELITE ONES or Illuminati"

    Charles T. Russell was higher than a 33rd degree and the lodge/temple WILL NOT TELL ANYONE BELOW A 33RD DEGREE WHO MEMBERS ARE OR WHO THE WHITE HATS ARE!

    That was all he could tell us without breaking his oath. But he was very surprised at how much we knew about the Freemasons because common public isn't supposed to know some of these things. We learned them on a documentary entitled "Secrets of the Founding Fathers of America"

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    I forgot to add that in that documentary, Francis Bacon wrote a book entitled "The New Atlantis" that is the 'manual' of Freemasonry that the founding fathers used to set up the United States.

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