"Snakes will eat dirt in the new order."

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  • Comatose

    I was talking with a JW I've known a long time and the topic of da new order came up. She mentioned how nice it will be when all animals are at peace. I asked why they had camouflage and defensive and offensive weapons if they were to always get along? She just looked at my like my head was on fire. I said, you know that scripture could be symbolic. She didn't like that at all. I said, do really think snakes will eat dirt? She looked at me like my head was on fire again and said OF COURSE!

    I asked my parents out of curiosity. They too think snakes will eat dirt in the new order. /facepalm

  • biometrics

    What about lions eating straw?

    Or birds eating apostate's dead bodies while the JWs (and their kids) look on.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer



    I’ve had lots of fun with this particular biblical account.

    For starters, we know today that snakes eat dirt no more and no less than any other carnivore (or herbivore for that matter!). Hence if snakes are said to eat dirt then humans are also eaters of dirt.

    For another, most JWs fail to read what’s said in full context. Basically, it goes like this:

    - In the presence of Adam and Eve God looks at the snake and says, “You will eat dust”.

    - Then God looks at Adam and Eve and says “You are dust”.

    Oh my! Just watch a JW stew on that for a few seconds.

    Then explain to the same JW what it means for a snake to be an obligate carnivore. Then you can casually mention that humans are, at the end of the day, made of meat. Now put that into the "new system of things" can and what do you get?

    Might as well have fun where and when we can.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I tried pointing out that predators having binocular vision means they're designed to hunt so they will in the new system and all the sister did was keep repeating the scriptures about lions and bulls, not even reasoning when I was trying to. This was when I was a Jw and was out witnessing with this nice but clueless Jw.

  • jam

    Hummm, I ate dirt when I was young, good old red dirt in

    Arkansas. My grandmother told me dirt is rich in nutrition, yes

    among other things.

  • BackseatDevil

    camouflage is a very good question, Comatose. I forgot that tigers had stripes because 'Jehovah thought it would be pretty'. LOL.

    so, i was taught that they would eat vegitation and such (i guess without 'toiling the ground' like Adam and Eve did when they were kicked out of the garden). so i guess that would be a vegan's wet dream but from an oxygen-producing standpoint, it seems a little iffy.

    eating dirt seems much more sustainable...

  • Jeffro

    Note the following from Insight on the Scriptures, volume 1, page 638:

    “Spirit of Python.” In Philippi, Macedonia, Paul met a servant girl who was possessed by “a demon of divination,” literally, “a spirit of python” (Gr., pneu′ma py′tho·na; Ac 16:16). “Python” was the name of the mythical snake that guarded the temple and oracle of Delphi, Greece. The word py′thon came to refer to a person who could foretell the future and also to the spirit that spoke through that one. Although later used to denote a ventriloquist, here in Acts it is used to describe a demon who enabled a young girl to practice the art of prediction.

    Python, a snake that is also called a dragon, using a term that later was supposed to refer to a ventriloquist.

    The Greek story about Python originates from the 6th century BCE. Genesis was also composed in the 6th century BCE.

    Elements of both are more than likely borrowed from the Epic of Gilgamesh, which also features a deceptive snake.

  • mP

    And the bible says that snakes used to fly before the got punished for talking to Eve.

  • processor

    If no one eats mice in paradise, one mouse will become to mice within 10 years. As of today, snakes would eat many of those, but if no animal will harm any other than no one will eat mice.

  • Jeffro


    If no one eats mice in paradise, one mouse will become to mice within 10 years. As of today, snakes would eat many of those, but if no animal will harm any other than no one will eat mice.

    'Evidently', mice won't have sex in the 'new system'. Jehovah will do a magic thing.

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