Team 10 obtains video of admitted child molester in Jehovah's Witnesses

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    This looks like dynamite Londo!

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  • Londo111

    Yes, thanks to Doubting Bro for bringing it to my attention.

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    Watch this space.


    "A database detailing more than 23,000 allegations of abuse was taken from church headquarters and revealed to the public in 2002. "

    Where is this list? I am doubting this statement.

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    Someone needs to record this video and get it out to the XJW community

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    Where is this list? I am doubting this statement.

    2002 was the year the BBC filmed their Panorama documentary "Suffer The Children" and received a fax from Watchtower confirming the existence of the pedophile database. It seems this piece of information has been morphed to the effect that the pedophile database was disclosed in that year, which it clearly wasn't.

    It's a shame the article contains such a glaring error. Hopefully this won't overshadow the usefulness of the rest of the information on policies etc, which so far as I can tell is spot on.

    [edit post: I've emailed the reporter to notify him of the error. Hopefully he'll fix it.]


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    Here is a link to a PDF of the 2002 Panorama fax, which I believe was the source of the mistake in the article.

    The relevant part says...

    You have been told that here in the United States we have compiled a list of 23,720 names of
    child abusers. That is false. First of all, the total number of names in our records is considerably lower

    than that. In addition, it is not meaningful to focus on the number of names we have in our records.
    This is because our figures include the names of many persons who have only been accused of child
    abuse whereas the charges have not been substantiated. We keep these records to document our
    compliance with what the law requires in many U.S. jurisdictions. Also included on our list are
    allegations made on the basis of so-called “repressed memories,” the validity of which many
    authorities challenge. Then there are the names of persons who have been accused of abusing children
    before becoming Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as individuals who have never been baptized Witnesses
    but whose names we are obliged to keep because of their association with the Witnesses. (An example
    of this would be a non-Witness father or step-father who is accused by his Witness children or stepchildren
    of abusing them.) To be safe, we also list the names of persons who may or may not be
    considered as child abusers, depending upon the jurisdiction where they live (for example, that 16-
    year-old boy who had sexual relations with the consenting 15-year-old girl). The name of an individual
    who was guilty of voyeurism or involved with child pornography, as further examples, would also be
    included on the list. And, to be sure, the list also includes names of persons who are actually guilty of
    child abuse. We do not apologize for keeping such records here in the United States. Apart from being
    legally needed, they have been very helpful to us in our efforts to protect the flock from harm. (Isaiah
    32:2) Christian parents can rightly feel secure in the knowledge that such efforts are made to screen out
    possible child abusers from appointment to responsible positions within the congregation.

    I can only hope the mistaken assumption that the database was made available in 2002 (rather than its existence merely being confirmed) isn't replicated in the TV news report.


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    TJ Curioso

    Cedars, the link to the fax don't work. I would like to have that file.

    Can You send it to me? ;)

    [email protected]

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