Humility test - I shall have it ready when JW knocking on my door.

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  • Mr Fool
    Mr Fool

    My experience of "opened mind" and "humility" is that they are at least close relaled. Can one stay humble with a closed mind?

  • cofty
    I wish I could stay open and aware for whatever they will tell me

    You chose your username well.

  • Mr Fool
    Mr Fool least I realize how foolish I am. I hope it´s a good first step.....just let me find out.

    A clarifying about what I mean to stay opened. It doesn´t mean that the open minded person pathetically sucks upp everything that is introduced. It´s the opposite, or else it would be impossible to retain the opened mind.

  • cofty

    Refusing to affirm that the earth is not flat or that the Watchtower are a deluded cult is not a sign of humility.

  • Mr Fool
    Mr Fool

    The possibility that the earth is not flat is high. I didn´t looked flat when I looked at the horizon high up in an airplane. Pictures taken on Earth from space confirm this. There is a very high chance that the earth is round according to the evidences.

    The possibilty that the Watchtower is a deluded cult is also very high because they rely their information from believing, not from facts.

    We maybe think our so called wisdom is higher than others. What about this parable:

    Cofty, your latest statement, is it humble to indirect write that I´m not humble? (even if I´m not)

  • cofty


  • BackseatDevil

    SIDE COMMENT: There are a variety of ways to prove the earth is round. The ancient Greeks figured it out mathmatically. It could be deduced from watching ships disappear in the horizon. It was verified when Magellan circumnavigated the globe (or rather his slave, Enrique). By the time one views pictures of the Earth from space there has been centuries of evidence proven with one picture. And it's okay, for some people "seeing is believing", but know there is compounded evidence and reason from a variety of cultures in history that predates photographs from space.

    Similarly Jehovah's Witnesses being a deluded cult has various levels of argument. We could use the history of the bible canon's lack of original documents in their original languages and the way Jehovah's Witnesses are word-specific in their literalism. We could take their constant ever-changing dogma. We could note the "end of the world" technique used to keep members motivated. We could take the psychology of individual Witnesses and compare them to information we know about cults. We could take the sociology of the organization and note the behavior in comparison to other groups (like the Latter Day Saints for example). We could go the archaeological route and use historical record to disprove Watchtower beliefs of dates and events. And we could use powers of reason in conjunction with humanity as a whole to understand how much doesn't make sense.

    I interrupt this bit of banter because I am not humble. I'm a douche. But I am also a humanitarian. Metaphorically, whether or not the earth is flat is a relevant irrelevance. The real point is that the answer (whatever it may be) will have many different paths leading to the same conclusion. So in the end... it is what it is.

    The Earth is not flat, but it's not a sphere either - it bulges in the middle. Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult... pretty much just like every other fundamentalist group who all have cult-like mentalities. They certainly are not as severe as the cults of the 60s and 70s, but if the Witnesses had their choice, they would be. So they end up categorizing themselves, albeit in a diluded form.

    It is what it is.

  • Terry

    For Jehovah's Witnesses there is only BLACK and White.

    The grayscale scares the crap out of them.

    They KNOW and you don't know.

    It is very squirmy for them to admit to ignorance of any sort.

    My best friend (well, former friend) in JW-dom had a phrase he used almost every five minutes:

    "You know why that is?" And then, he would proceed to tell you. His opinion, of course.

  • Mr Fool
    Mr Fool

    Yes, it is what it is. True.

    They (JW) KNOW and you don´t know I recognize it very well. Another thing I have notised is that they are extremly curious, not about the truth, but about the one they talk to. "-Do you believe in the Bible? -Do you have been in the arny? -How old are you? -Are you married? etc etc"

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