Ties at the Kingdom Hall

by CloseTheDoor 53 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • ToesUp
    Do they make a Satan the Devil tie? That should shake em up!
  • stuckinarut2

    I'm shocked "on the way out"!

    Thos animal ties are clearly very worldly and draw attention to the wonders of the animal Kingdom...... How could you ever wear something that detracts from god so much.....???

  • rebelfighter
    On the Way Out, I love your ties they are perfect. When this worldly person (me) after 5 years got the famous email that said goodbye have a nice life from an elder one of his sentences was you fight everything you disagree with. Well of course. The organization I belong to has rules too, we are supposed to wear long white gowns and our shoulders are to be covered. Mine were off white and the shoulder never covered. When my daughter joined at 18 her gowns conformed in no way. Never a word said. Two reasons -- 1) do not burn the money maker of the organization and the hardest worker. 2) although they did not conform they were very tasteful and elegant.
  • CloseTheDoor

    I definitely like those animal ties. I can only imagine what would be said if I wore something like that.

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