Let's Hate on TV

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  • Simon
    Started to watch Game of Thrones after hearing all the hype. Season one, episode 1. Got halfway through it. Over the top gore, lots of nekkid girls and simulated sex. Topped off with a bunch of pretentous old English dialogue. Cheesy

    Yes, not every episode is that good (ba-doom-tish)

    Seriously, it's worth giving a go because the story is great, definitely a modern classic. But yes, some of the sex scenes are a little too much.

  • Twitch

    It's all been downhill since The Man Show and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge were cancelled.

  • finallysomepride

    so much crap on TV, I have foxtel (pay TV) and the only channels I watch are scifi channel, UKTV, History channel, world movies plus some others, 95% of the others are just loaded with pure crap

    the news aint news its totally biased

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I could easily live without TV. I love to read and there's the internet for everything else.

  • Glander

    There is always:

    Vehicle repo shows with confrontations and bleeping.

    Parking ticket shows - including booting cars and the resulting confrontations and bleeping

    Pawn shop shows from Detroit, MI. Lots of confrontations and bleeping.

    Funeral home shows that follow staff on cadaver pick ups.

    No wonder my kindle reader is my main source of entertainment.

  • TotallyADD

    In the U.S. a handful of corporation own the News networks. So all you get is one sided news that promote whatever these billion dollar corporation want. The days of thinking news is long gone in this country. Totally ADD

  • Tater-T

    TotallyADD.... exactly

    TV.... It's my favorite HEADACHE........ LOL!


  • Glander

    One of my guilty pleasures is "The Deadliest Catch" about the crab fishermen in the Gulf of Alaska.

    It has been so successful, the Discovery channel is coming out with a show about young guys looking for crabs in the urban jungle. It will be called "The Deadliest Crotch".

  • Glander

    It's all been downhill since The Man Show and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge were cancelled.

    If I'm not mistaken these two shows were combined into "Man vs Food".

  • perfect1

    I love watching Ghost Shows, like Ghost Adventures. Also have developed a regrettable interest in the Bachelor.

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