All Seeing Eye on WBTS Video!

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  • OrphanCrow
    stuckinarut: Do you guys also see animals in the clouds in the sky?
    What about images in ink blotches?
    Perhaps the messiahs face in burnt toast?

    The answer to all of your questions is "yes". I do see images and patterns in forms, color, lines and shapes in apparently random objects. A lot of people do. It is the way a human being's seeing apparatus works - a combination of "camera"/eye and brain.

    The question being addressed here is not whether some people have the apparatus tuned to "see" these images or not, the question is whether or not these images have been inserted intentionally.

    I am a practising artist. My opinion on whether or not there are deliberately inserted images in the watchtower propaganda is unequivocally "Yes".

    I didn't 'get' the eye in the video that was posted - I had a hard time seeing it. But, regardless, I would be very surprised if embedded images and such visual devices weren't used in videos by those making the WTS propaganda.

    I have made videos back in the pre-digital day. And, the use of embedded images and sound was a common occurrence in video art then - if I were still making video art, I would unquestionably be using imbedded and subliminal images in my videos. I see no reason why any other artist wouldn't also consider it. And, because the Watchtower's videos are produced by artists for propaganda material, it makes it even more likely that such visual devises are being used.

    Inserting subliminal images into artwork and embedding images into video is ridiculously easy - any decent artist can do it. Many do it deliberately, myself included.


    Stuckinarut, shameth on thee for using a strawman!!


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