You just can't make this stuff up!!! But this is true!

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  • Gojira_101

    Today I went on my instragram and realized that one of the JW "friends" I have on there didn't have any or her WT propaganda, and propaganda I mean pictures of her and all the children (under 10) she is studying with and helping to bring in the truth. So I looked to see if she was still "following me" nope, so I looked to see if I was still "following her" nope, which means she blocked. So then I go on to my JW facebook and she is no longer friends with me....

    So now I know what you are thinking, she has blocked and unfrieded me because she saw my apostate video...or word finally reached her.....Nope! You know what it was?

    I posted a picture of my husband's haircut (buzz-cut) but he has a goatee now. She unfriended and blocked me because of my husband's goatee and/or because he has a buzz now.

    I'm laughing hysterically because of this and how the JW mind works.

    Just wanted to share that.


  • cantleave

    It's funny that I have convinced dubs in America that I am one from the UK despite a grade zero buzz and a rather unkempt goatee.

  • Vidiot

    The R&F is simply reflecting the mindset of the leadership...

    ...steadily increasing marginilization, insular behavior, and ultimately, extremism.

    It sucks, but take heart; these are always signs of a regime in decline.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Whoa a goatee screams 'bad association!' What a bunch of shallow twats. So ashamed to have been one.

  • problemaddict

    Oh man it is funny. its also kind of funny that like EVERY JW man that leaves grows facial hair. its like forbidden fruit. Ha.

  • cuckoo in the nest
    cuckoo in the nest

    True, a goatee is the equivalent of tattooing "666" on your forehead. I grew mine whilst still officially a study, and still attending, deliberately to piss them off.

  • Simon

    Ha, I just shaved my head and beard into a goatee ... I think I was already accursed though.

    Sadly there were no 666 markings on my head.

  • cuckoo in the nest
    cuckoo in the nest

    Maybe having 666 on their heads would explain the proliferation of comb-overs?

  • skeeter1

    Yeah, looking at Flipper's Tahoefest pictures . . . . I tried to imagine what the hairy men looked like as JWs.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    goatee = "bad association".

    Jesus had a beard = "antichrist".

    Most JWs fail to realize that if Jesus were to come back today as a human, he wouldn't even be allowed to handle a mic or give a talk in the KH. Truly ironic.

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